10 Short Bobs Hairstyles for Black Women

With the likes of Rhianna, Naomi Campbell and many other black women being style icons of today, when it comes to hair style choices, we are sure to have plenty of inspiration.


For each new season, there is seems to be a new trend for fashioning our locks. With major advances within the hair industry, we are constantly surprised by the fascinating mix of natural and weave hair styles, rocked by a multitude of women worldwide.



The advancement of hair weave adds a whole new world to hair styling for the black women, being able to banish the afro and style any look on a temporary or long term basis adds excitement to hairstyling choices.



With our image playing such an important role in the society today, it goes without saying that a chosen hairstyle needs to be a long thought out process, as the wrong shape for your face or body shape could be extremely unflattering and leave you not wanting to step out of your front door.



Image:Mary Kravets

Many of the major fashion trends for hair return time and time again, and for black women especially, the bob is a great contender when it comes to styling thicker hair.

Seen as a long standing legendary look, the bob has a habit of being resurrected by hairstylists and fashion icons around the globe, each time with a more quirky and dynamic look.


Regardless of the season, bobs are sexy, sophisticated, easy to style and extremely versatile, suiting every occasion or event perfectly.

Short bob hairstyles offer fantastic look for black women, and with the right length and finish, can suit all ages and face shapes. The bonus being that with the many techniques used within the hair industry today, you can be sure to find a style to suit your hair type.


The traditional classic bob suggests a single-length cut, this sharp choice will add weight to the hair as well as volume, and a blunt angled bob is perfect for a more funky or dramatic style.

Softening the ends of the classic cut or adding a delicate amount of layers could help enhance the natural contours of the face, giving a more chic, but less drastic look, suited for a more every day style.

Image:Mary Kravets

The return of the bob in 2016 has seen many variations from the traditional styles mentioned, from inaccuracy and asymmetry to choppy profiles and extended tresses, each of these styles have proved highly fashionable amongst the celebrity and modelling world.


These interesting styles provide a platform of inspiration to all women, supporting creative choices and bringing confidence to styling a diverse look.

In addition to these somewhat ‘out there’ styles, the bob is extremely versatile, offering even wider choices and ensuring that you never become bored.

Image:Mary Kravets

Sleek straight bobs, whether styled with a middle parting or focused from the side, are great for taller women with perfectly smooth hair. Adding a fringe could provide a look of opulence, whereas creating curls or waves can add temporary fun to your style.


Graduated bobs offer a fresh look for the spring and summer, whispy stacked layers look great with any hair texture or colour.

Contrary to shorter bobs, medium length bobs have also become a popular style choice, a collarbone length choice could be beneficial if your hair lacks body, there are plenty of tips and tricks on the market if you do suffer from finer hair. Drawing attention to texture such as weaving your hair into snazzy curls at the ends will certainly add volume and make you stand out from the crowd.


Be sure that what ever choice you make when it comes to your locks, bobs offer a low maintenance and stylish solution to an all year round hairstyle. Be creative and inspired in your decision, after all you are unique, and there is no better feeling than to be proud to show off your latest creation.

Natural or weave, blunt or choppy, straight or curled, be free, be unique, be you.

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