20 Beach wedding Bridal Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Stunning

Beach Wedding Hair

Summer weather is warm and reminiscent of many memorable moments. The sunny afternoons and fresh night air are the perfect combination to hold a celebration. When you plan a summer wedding, one of the first items on your agenda is where you will get married. Outdoor weddings are beautiful in summer, especially if your backdrop is the subtle waves of a blue ocean. The sandy beach and gentle breeze will create the perfect setting for your beach wedding. With an outdoor wedding, you will want to style your hair and dress to meet the elements of your surroundings.  A beach wedding bridal hairstyle is your next step after your dress.

Your hairstyle is an important aspect of your wedding style. With so many options and style ideas to choose from we have narrowed down our favorites for you. The looks we have here are elegant and chic. You will see updos and long tresses that are perfected for a dreamy wedding look. The idea of a beach wedding is romantic and soulful with a naturalistic element to dawn the new day as husband and wife. Your wedding look will be a lasting memory that will be imprinted through time.

Beach Wedding

001 Bridal-Wedding-Hairstyles-16 8

Image: Styles Weekly

A classic style is pulled back and neatly wrapped in elegant pearls bring a sincere style to life.

Neo-Romantic Hairstyle With A Curly Side Pony

002 1-neo-romantic-hairstyle-with-a-curly-side-pony 8

Image: Voss Wedding

A side swept style has delicate curls and a romantic ribbon that is intricately intertwined into a charming ribbon.

Beach Wedding Hair Ideas For Short Locks

003 7-more-ideas-for-short-hair 8

Image: Real Size Bride

A nostalgic updo holds a white net with pearled feather designs that are both chic and memorable.

Tall Updo With Rolls For Both Thick And Thin Hair

004 14-tall-updo-with-rolls-and-a-delicate-hair-piece 8

Image: Three Sun Beams

This style is crowned with  gems that will glisten in the sunlight. A creative twist is pulled into an updo and ready to celebrate the big event.

Curly Side Downdo With A Floral Headband

005 16-curly-side-downdo-with-a-floral-headband 8

Image: Help Me

This hairstyle appears to have been styled with fairy dust. A natural wreath gently sets amid a perfected twist with ribbon accents.

Beach Wedding Hairstyle

006 beach-wedding-hair-03 8

Image: Destination Wedding Details

Long and wavy hair is partially pulled back and surrounded in delicate waves. This style is flowing and natural in the summer breeze.

Beach Wedding Hairstyle

007 Beach-Wedding-Hair-Styles-017 8

Image: Mehta Weddings

An intricate floral wreath sets the style with lavish rich colors and a natural bridal look.

Hair Style Updos

attractive young caucasian adult isolated on white background

Image: Love to Know

A classic updo is pulled back in a sleek style that is a genuine look for your wedding day.

The bride wore boho chic wedding gown with a lace applique bodice and tiered ruffled skirt.

009 600x600_1440512587407-renaissance-island-1 8

Image: Wedding Wire

A beautiful style is long and wavy with some pulled back . The top is accented with an enchanted hair band made of intricate leaves.

Minka Kelly Wedding Hairstyle: Bohemian braids

010 top100weddinghairstyles2014_003 8

Image: Her Interest

Gentle braids lead into a style with a long and natural waves that are an inspired look.

Wedding Hairstyles: Up ‘dos

011 Wedding-Hairstyles-Up-dos 8

Image: Wire Image

A loose and fresh updo is elegantly charming in this wedding style. Hair is left along the side in a slight curl to accentuate the design.

Fine Art Film Photography Taylor & Porter Best At Dusk Beach Wedding Coastal Bride

012 3245364592447717a80ec8000fd5851b 8

Image: Taylor and Porter

A delightful and sophisticated twist is pulled back in with detailed leaf accents along the top.

Bridal Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Image: Himisspuff

A witty style incorporates curls with braids and a trendy twist that is left to look natural and free spirited.

Bridal beach wedding

014 b618abed6443de59aeb49f8daf0a276f 8

Image: Joatybassi

Long beach waves naturally set the tone for this style. A colorful floral wreath is vibrant and subtle with charm.

Beach Wedding Hair Ideas

015 b90b2f7714700f296fabab3d0d94eaf5 8

Image: I Take You

This style is romantic with hints of nostalgia. A gentle twist to the side and curvaceous curls are spirited with three white flowers.

Beach wedding hairstyles

016 beach-bridal-hairstyles-90 8

Image: Sylvya

A side style is captivating with a soft pink floral hair accent that delicately inspires us all.

Resistant Hairstyle for the Beach Wedding

017 Resistant-Hairstyle-for-the-Beach-Wedding 8

Image: Lovely Hairstyles

An updo worthy of a princess takes a walk down the beach in a cherished setting. The style is chic and full of enlivened spirit.

Unique Breezy Beach Wedding Hairstyle

018 Breezy-Beach-Wedding-Hair 8

Image: The Right Hairstyles

Curls and waves come together with a glimmering tear drop tiara. This style is classic and trendy with an enchanted style.

12 Tips for a Flawless Beach Wedding

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Image: Style Me Pretty

this look is subtle and captivating with light twists that flow gently down with a natural hair piece that adds to a light tone.

Easy Casual Wedding Wavy Hairstyle for Beach

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Image: Morilee

A chic twist is neatly swept back leaving a light wave that is enhanced with floral accents and poetic styling.

In the photos above we have seen lovely hairstyles for your wedding. Long and wavy or swept back twists hold a genuine styling. Hair wreaths made with floral hints and natural weaving are beautifully set. Fresh flowers are delicately placed within the style along with bands and accessories that accentuate your hairstyle with elegance. Hair pins secure your look in pulled back styles. Hair is left down with light curls to frame your face and create a beautiful look. Subtle and gentle, your hairstyle will bring a sense of spirited light to your beach wedding.

Your wedding on the beach is enchanted with a natural essence and charming elements. When you choose a dress, your makeup and accessories will accent your look. Your hairstyle is the centerpiece of your fashion and will be intriguing and feminine while walking along the sandy beach on your wedding day. The picturesque moment you take your vows will be a cherished time. It is a day to celebrate with family and friends. The sounds of the waves will set the mood while the brilliant sky looks over you. As the sun sets and your new life begins, you will always have the lasting memory of the day you married your best friend.

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