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Long hair has always been considered fashionable and beautiful. For many years and in some cultures, the beauty of a woman was measured by the length of her hair. However, the modern woman experiences many challenges and they fail to take care of their hair as they should. Most of the time you will find women are too busy and they don’t really have enough time for their hair. Most women work for not less than eight hours a day and so they tend to prefer to wear their hair down or make a simple up-do. Although it may portray simplicity and sometimes elegance, this is a lazy trend that no woman should let it catch on them. Below we are going to look at some fashionable simple step by step hairstyle tutorials that wouldn’t take much of your time to make. Furthermore you will always look stylish and you can have different hairstyles for each day.





All of the below hairstyles are quite simple and elegant. Even if you are a hair stylist there reaches a time where you run out of ideas and you may need to take a look at this tutorial to figure out what your next hairstyle should be. Furthermore, sometimes you may be in a hurry and you just need to make something simple for the day, and in such a case; this tutorial will come in handy.


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Bubble Pony- This hairstyle is very similar to a simple pony tail but with bubbles. If you know how to make a pony tail, which every woman does, then, this hair style should be no problem at all. All what you have to do is to pull your hair into a pony tail, then place elastic rubber bands two or three inches apart on the pony tail. It is that simple yet looks very elegant and stylish. This is suitable for outdoor summer activities or any other informal activities that you may be engaged in.


Side braided hair- Braiding is one of the simplest and most common hairstyle. It is also quite simple to braid hair, and so having these skills would be a big advantage for you. Side braided hair simply entails braiding your hair to one side. This is often considered a romantic hair style and so, if you are going out for a date, then, this might just be the thing for you.

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Topsy pony tail- This is a unique and very elegant hair style. It looks very sophisticated but it is also very easy to make. This style can easily be made by starting to make a pony tail on three different levels of your hair on the head. However, the start of one pony tail joins to the next and at last there is a single pony tail hanging at the back. This hair style will not take more than five minutes to make and can suit all occasions. It’s definitely worth a try.


Hippie braids- These are two braids; one on the side and the other on the back of your head. It is simple to make, and looks good as well. Suitable for a simple look when you want to stay indoors or go shopping nearby.

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Party perfect pony- You have a party to attend and really have no idea what kind of hairstyle to make? Then, party perfect pony is exactly what you need. Furthermore, you only need a minute and your hair will be ready for the party. Party perfect pony is a simple hairstyle whereby you make a knot at the base of your hair leaving a pony tail to extend below. A pin or an elastic band can also be used to hold hair instead of making the knot. You can also wet the pony tail a little bit and then comb it to a wavy form. This will make the hair look even more elegant and stylish.

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Simple French twist- This is a classic yet perfect up-do for any occasion. The French twist has been one of the most iconic hairstyles for decades and people often associate it with an aura of sophistication. Nonetheless, it is still a very simple hair style and you can make it in less than a minute. You just need to comb your hair down to the side on your shoulders and hold the tip with a rubber band. Then, place two sticks on either side of the elastic band and roll the hair using the sticks to the centre at the back of your head. Take a pin or two and hold the hair in place, then very slowly and carefully remove the sticks and there you get a simple and beautiful French twist!

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Image:Trend To Wear
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