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French Manicure has been fashionable for a very long time – almost since the dawn of nail art. Today, most women ask for French Manicure when they visit a nail salon. Maybe they don’t even realize that there are so many designs in the French Manicure Nail Art portfolio in the world.



So when you enter a nail salon and ask for French Manicure – be prepared for the question: What kind of design do you want? In order to be prepared for the question and to select the one that’s the best for your style, we collected some designs for you.
Why should I have French Manicure?


French Manicure is a perfect choice for anything you wear. Usually, the colors are neutral and go well with other colors you wear. So that’s one of the best choices if you plan to have the same design for long time – let’s say a few weeks. You don’t have to wear the same or matching colors throughout these weeks, but you can wear anything you want!



Where should I get it done?
Well, if you’re French Manicure Virgin, we’d suggest not trying it at home for the first time. If you’re good in polishing your nails for yourself and you practice, you’ll be able to do it at home after a while. But for the first time, go to a salon and get it done there.
French Manicure Designs
The Traditional Design





The most typical French Manicure Design is the one with nude base and white tip with shiny clear cover. It’s the original and the most traditional way of French Manicue Design. You’ll see that most women still ask for the traditional one, as this is the one matching with many of their dress and it’s appropriate to any occasion.
French Manicure Art Design with Different Colors




In this one, you still have the traditional design, but you change either the base or the tip color. You want to change the nude color to white, silver, black or any other color that matches with the tip. Make sure the tip color harmonizes with the base color. When you plan the new design, think about both colors at the same time and try to find matching ones – e.g. silver with black, black with gold, etc.
French Manicure Art Design with Different Shapes

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The traditional way of doing French Manicure is to draw a line at the tip of your nails that is following the natural shape of your nail tips. One way to give French Manicure a twist is using different shapes instead of the traditional lines. You can use triangles, squares or dots. Basically, anything creative that matches your personality.
Add beads or glitters



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If you’ve already changed the colors and the shapes of your French manicure and still want to experiment, you can always add a few beads and glitters. Beads and glitters make your nails shinier and more elegant. Watch out for too many glitters and beads though. You don’t want to look like you just put your hand in a huge bowl of glitters and couldn’t get rid of them… Seriously, glitters and beads look awesome but only if you use them carefully.
Different Design for the Third Finger


Usually, you either polish all of your nails the same way, or you polish your Third Finger in a different way that matches the other nails or complements them. For example, let’s say you have your black and gold French manicure design on all of your nails and you want to have the opposite – gold base with black tip for your third finger. That’s the easiest way to do it but of course you could have more complex design on your third finger that on the other ones.


This design makes your manicure a little bit different from the traditional one, but it’s still very convenient to wear as it might still match with most of your clothes and it’s very classy.
French Manicure Design for Special Occasions








When it comes to a holiday season, many women asks for special holiday French manicure design. The most popular ones are flags – flags can be done very easily with French manicure – or Xmas design with snow or red and white Santa design. You can create anything with French design that you can express with two or three colors.
There’s really no limitation when it comes to French Manicure Art Design. The traditional one matches most of your clothes and you can wear them on any occasion. If you feel like experimenting more, just add some change – change the base or tip color, change the shape of the tip, add some beads or glitter. Make sure to get it done in a nail salon for the first time as they can give you some expert advice on how to do your French Manicure that matches your style.

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