20 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have

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Jewelry is a statement (even if it isn’t always a statement necklace!). Women can show off their connections in the world to family and groups, pull the eyes to areas of the body they want to show off, and give their style a boost with the right jewelry.
Trends are one thing, but what about the styles that transcend the decades and show up time and time again? These classic jewelry pieces are indispensable to enduring style. These are the pieces of jewelry that every woman needs to have.


Tennis Bracelet

This classic style has a long history, but its current name supposedly comes from an incident during the US Open in 1987. A tennis player called Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a match, after which she pleaded with the officials to pause the game. The match was postponed until the bracelet was found, and the style of bracelet was re-christened the “Tennis Bracelet” in her honor.
Tennis bracelets are beautiful and subtle, and they indicate a mature woman. A woman with a tennis bracelet is accomplished and well-loved, whether the bracelet is a gift from a partner or to herself. The design of this bracelet is key to its function. It can be worn every day without worrying about losing it; just consider taking it off for tennis matches!


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No, they don’t have to be real! They just have to look convincing. A pearl necklace is a style statement that is classic and feminine. They should be simple, and sit just above the collarbones. This will give the strand maximum effect.
A simple strand of pearls will give a vintage feel to any outfit that you pull together, and make you look like you’ve arrived in life. You can show off your classic sense of style without being tacky or flashy.
Pearls can be found in many colors. This year, rose gold is everywhere in fashion and style. We suggest that you get your hands on a strand of lovely rose colored pearls to bring a classic sense to the Fall 2016 season.

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Ear Jackets

Ear jackets came into style about one year ago, and they are now a part of many power female wardrobes. The styles are adjustable and eye-catching. If you’ve not yet worn one, an ear jacket is a stud earring with a detachable decorative backing. It should sit just below your earlobe, accentuating the curve in a place most women are a little unaware of.
Ear jackets work on women of all ages and are not in-your-face trendy. Mature women can also wear them and incorporate the style into an existing jewelry box, since they will match well with simple necklaces and shiny bracelets from the past. It’s a great way to update your style subtly!

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Symbolic Necklace

Want to communicate a need, a change, or a philosophy? Using modern glyphs in a necklace is a great way to keep thoughts close to your heart. There are symbols that mean “Harmony,” “Transformation,” or “Exploration” and are made of simple lines and curves that are easily made into a charm or a pendant. You can mark your industry as well, and only those who know how to read the glyphs will be able to know what your pretty necklace means.
Wear a glyph on a 16-inch or 18-inch chain as an everyday necklace that you never need to take off.



Statement Earrings

Statement jewelry had its moment a couple of seasons back, when everyone and their mom (and my mom) seemed to be wearing bigger and bigger necklaces. It seems to have reached “Peak Statement” when the so-called bib necklaces started selling for $50 on Etsy. Too much!
Statement jewelry doesn’t have to be barf-inducing, though. These days, statement earrings are where it’s at.
Longer styles with bright colors and subtle designs are the best for this look. If you wear a pair of statement earrings, you need not add any further jewlery! They can make a plain tee look polished, and a good pair can transition from day to night easily. Every woman needs some earrings that really catch the eye.


Right Hand Ring

A ring on a woman’s left hand is a symbol of love and partnership. A ring on her right hand? It’s a statement of self-love and empowerment. Women have begun to buy themselves beautiful rings for their right hands, which show off their commitments to themselves and their own success. A right hand ring should not look like an engagement ring, but it certainly can have diamonds.
Simple sterling silver designs are also acceptable. The ring should feel right to you, and should match well with other jewelry in your possession.










Subtle Set

Every woman needs a classic jewelry set that she can put on and feel “put together.” This should ideally include earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. This is not the place for flashy, statement pieces. You want to be able to wear this jewelry in 25 years without a second thought. Think of a set as an investment.
Though jewelry sets are classic, there is no reason why they should be boring! Consider a set with clay-sculpted flowers as the centerpieces, or one made out of metallic polymer. Wire-wrapped gemstones are also a great buy, especially since you can always buy another to change out the pendants. You could make it a yearly tradition!

What jewelry do you think women simply cannot live without? Tell us your thoughts!

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