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Kerry Washington is a symbol of simplicity and the choices she makes regarding her hairstyles reflect this adorable nature of hers. Little wonder, not too long ago, Peoples Magazines named her the “best dressed woman of the year”. This is no easy feet to attain as we all know the fierce competition she had to knock off before she could have meritted this honor.

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For all you lovers of “simple yet sophisticated looks”, we have compiled a list that consist of the top ten Kerry Washington hairstyles to probably give you an idea of what your next hairstyle will be like.

Image: Harper’s BAZAAR

1. Medium Chic soft wavy hairstyle with blunt bangs ( Special treat for black women)

Kerry Washington completely rocks this hairstyle in a unique way, the hair structure suits her facial framework and blends well with her amazing skin tone. Not often do you find a fringe that looks so strong but yet ends with the softest edges, totally eliminating any harsh look. The length of the hair progresses with a wavy look and slight appearance of chestnut tones which makes the dark brown shades visible to the eye and also give the hair warmth and the desired depth.

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2. A Gorgeous French Twist

Here, kerry decides to go with a lovely french twist hairstyle which gives her a rather unique and pleasant sexy appeal. The lovely side parting makes the hairstyle perfect on her, revealing her lovely forehead which progresses down to her beautiful face. On this occassion, her choice of earrings and outfit exudes grace and elegance.

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3. Medium hairstyle- Sexy Shoulder length Hairstyle

The structure hair structure here looks real good on Kerry washington and should give the same beautiful look to most black women who try it out. Whoever Kerry’s hairstylist is, he or she sure knows how to make some “insanely” beautiful curls, her hair here is so thick and glossy with so many well-defined curls that look natural and not over-styled. A good look at the hair suggest that the dark base section and the bright chocolate section of the hair are curled seperately and they wrap around each other wonderfully. Her winning smile acts as the icing on the cake.

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4. Medium Length Bob

This medium-length bob hairstyle shows that kerry knows how to select the perfect hair-do that will blend with her body and facial structure. The length of the hair here stops at the jawline of her face and folds in perfectly with a few curls here and there to give you a complete view of her beautiful face. If you rock a medium hair, you can fashion out a newstyle for yourself by adding some volume and width to the end using Kerry Washington hairstyle as a reference point.

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5. Medium Straight haircut

Looking at the structure of the hair and how is suits her face, you will have no choice but to fall in love with her. The hair is nicely done with very precise ends to also go with it, it is almost impossible to believe she was actually pregnant when she carried this hairstyle.

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6. Long Romantic Curls

You cannot find a hairstyle with more romantic appeal than this, the hair has a rich blend of natural waves at the top section and rough curls towards the end. This hair pattern gives younger women a unique, modern and romantic look. The center part of the hair sums up what the hairstyle is all about.

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7. Demi Bob- Medium Sleek Hairstyle with bangs

Kerry Washington here, illustrates through her choice of hairstyle that she loves variety with a touch of class. So it is no surprise that she opts for a nice looking medium-bob haircut with bangs with the fringe portion of the hair looking nicely arranged.


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8. Ponytail- Side Swept

This nice Ponytail hairstyle displays Kerry’s beauty in a special way, the Ponytail idea with the blend of the side sweep makes it an ideal choice if you are looking for the perfect hair to rock this weekend. You can sweep the ponytail to differrent sections that will suit you.

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9. Unique Straight Hair Cut With Bangs

Kerry rocks this simple straight haircut with bangs that makes her look like a casual-chic. It is very easy on the eye and yet gives her face a sophisticated look.

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10. Shoulder length Hairstyles

Have you been looking for a proof that you can rock a hairstyle with sexy waves without extensions? Here is the prove that you need.

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Kerry Washington loves variety when it comes to choosing hairstyles, this is probably the reason a cross-section of her fans love to see her on the red carpet. You can never predict what hairstyle she is going to come up with when next you see her.

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The simplicity and sophiscation of her hair-do makes it an ideal reference point if you want to adopt a hairstyle that reflects elegance and beauty.

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