20 Nail Designs for Short Nails

In past ages it was not uncommon for women to always sport lovely long nails. Nowadays with so many women who work, it is sometimes an impossible task to keep a perfect set of longer nails. The maintenance required to do this is more than likely to be the reason that women prefer shorter nails. Add to this the already busy daily schedules that most woman have today, and sometimes even work which is on the physical side and you will agree that sometimes having longer nails is just not practical. There is, however, nothing to be ashamed of by wanting short nails.



One of the problems with longer nails is the tendency to break and with many women tapping away on computer keyboards this becomes a very real possibility. There is no reason why having short nails should be anything but beautiful, with the right care and style you will find that this is a great replacement for long talons. The decorations on nails may be done on one or two nails, on thumb and ring fingers or on all the nails, the choice is yours! Here we have a few suggestions on short nails for you to consider.



Marble Short Nails

Sometimes this style is only done on the ring and thumb nails but of course this is entirely up to you. This is a simple process that you can do yourself and there is literally a myriad of designs that are suitable for this. You would start with a gloss black nail polish and then add some specks in just one corner of the nail. How many specks and which corner is up to you as is the color of the specks. The beauty of this quick and easy design is that you can match the specks with any outfit you choose. With a glossy top coat to finish it, it is suitable for casual as well as smart wear.


Image: blupla

Glittered Short Nails

This is a great style for a party look. It’s easy and you can do it at home. You can pick and choose any color matches here, even match up with your favourite party outfit. You would start off with a French Glitter tip and then add and spots you like. As few or as many as please you! Then overlay with a gloss finish.



Floral Nails

When you opt for a design like this, the world is your pallette! This style looks good with some nails in a solid color and just one or two with a floral design. Rhinestones work well here as they give a three dimentional effect. This is a very simple accessory which actually makes a huge effect and looks very trendy. The floral design should be fairly simple and uncluttered and then one of the colors which is in the flower should be carried through to all the other nails. Japanese cherry blossom is a really god idea as the floral picture is very uncluttered. The pink of the cherry blossom may then be carried through to the other nails. Any black, pink and grey combination works really well here. If you are in any doubt about how the colors will match you should try out on one nail wit the flower and then the next nail with the solid color. This will give you an idea od whrther it matches.



Black and White Border Nails
This style is best done by a professional. Basically the whole nail is covered in white polish and then a very fine line in black in painted around the whole outline of the nails. This must be done very precisely as differences in thickness of the black line will ruin the overall effect. The whole nail, once dried must e covered in a glossy sheen.


Image: Herinterest

Gingham Nails

These are also best left to a professional to perfect. The base paint color should be the darker here then then small gingham lines are painted of top of the base. The lines must be exactly the same width otherwise the effect is clumsy. A top glossy coat should be applied afterwards. Any two colors that match will work well here, even a black and white gingham is appealing.


Image: Cryolin N Johnson

Winter Snowflakes

The base color here looks really great as a cool pink, which then has small snowflakes of bright white painted on top. This is a delightful winter design which is very cheery in the dark, cold months.






There are many nail patterns that you can do at home yourself and others that really should be done by a professional. Whichever style and design you choose, you will be able to mix and match all your favourite colors every time. No more do you have to hide your hands away with these gorgeous ideas! There are hundreds of ideas you can adapt to enhance shorter nails. Short nails will be a pleasure to have now and something to show off!


Image: Best Art Nais
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