20 Red Hair Color Trends and Styles

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Red! The colour of love! The colour of fire! The colour of passion and also the trendiest colour in fashion! Currently, it’s not fashion only, but red is also the trendiest hair colour. Red as hair colour, can be styled to many different tones that would match the skin colour and general hair orientation.


One unfortunate fact is that there are very few naturally born redheads, and so if you are one of them; lucky you! It is for this reason that so many women try to dye their hair. However, there are also so many shades of red that one can get from a bottle and thus poor mixture and styling would result to something undesirable.


One of the biggest mistakes that ladies make when dyeing their hair is taking matters onto their own hands. Most ladies would walk into a grocery store, or a cosmetic shop and pick a bottle of red hair dye and go home to apply the dye on their own. This often results in weird colours and so the best way to go if you want good results always, is to take your hair to a stylist and let them do their job.


Redheads tend to have multi-coloured hair strands. Their hair tend to alter in colour when hit by light of varying intensity. Now, this makes it even more difficult to mimic the hair colour of a redhead.


So why do women and girls like red hair so much and why is it popular with the current generation? Well, red hair, first of all is kind of unique. It is kind of a daring type of colour to have on your head. It evokes emotions of courage and confidence. People who wear red stand out in the crowd and it takes a lot of self-confidence to stand all the attention. The same applies to red hair. Red hair draws attention and speaks loudly.



Another reason as to why red colour is trending is because it is warm and brings change on general hair orientation and to life in general. As mentioned earlier, there are very few redheads and thus it is not common to come across red hair. This colour also enhances the depth of natural hair making it look finer and flawless.


Pure red hair is thought to fade quite quickly and so a good option would be to go for a slight shade of brown. This shade will last longer and at the same time present a look that is distinctive to your hairstyle. Nonetheless, the most important thing to remember before picking a shade of red is your skin tone and you should basically pick a tone of red that would match well with your skin.


The many varieties of red hair colour trends and styles include:

· Brick red- This is one of the reddest red hair colours. This is also one of the most popular shades of red because it looks so intense and enhances natural hair. It is a bold colour and would match well blonde skin tone.





Amber- Unlike brick red, amber is a softer shade of the red hair family. It is easier to maintain and less drastic. This is a good tone for a moderate and cool person who does not like a lot of attention on her.


Ginger- This is also another drastic shade of the red hair. Ginger would be best suited for redheads who would want a change. It is also a good shade if you want a total makeover and make a difference.



Reddish brown- Another bold and drastic shade of red. Just like brick red, this is deep and intense. It makes a bold statement and enhances the natural beauty of the hair. The best thing about it is that it kind fits or matches any skin tone. You can try it today and be absolutely sure to look good in this trendy shade of red.




Crimson- Simply put: this shade of red is controversial. If you love drama and you want your hair to give you exactly that; go for this shade of red.


Candy Apple red- Bright and tender as apple. This is exactly how your hair will look. Candy apple red is very bright and unique. Would go well with blondes and very confident persons.


Red Ombre- Ombre in itself is still a very trendy hairstyle. Adding a red shade would simply make your hair red hot! This is one of the most beautiful red hair shade for any lady.


Deep copper- Are you a brunette? If you are one, then this is your thing. Deep copper fits well with brunettes who would want to go a little bit over the edge and do the extreme. It is also very easy to maintain and appears very natural.




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