5 Common Causes of Premature Skin Aging

loofah,seashell and spa towelMaintaining and caring for your skin is necessary to achieve a more youthful look. Healthy skin can literally take years off your appearance, making you look and even feel younger. While there are dozens of factors that can lead to premature skin aging, we’re going to cover the top 4 here.

#1 – Cigarette Smoke

If you needed another reason to quite smoking, here’s one: cigarette smoke leads to premature skin aging. A typical cigarette contains 6,000-7,000 different chemicals, 60 of which are known to cause cancer. The smoke will linger on your body where it’s absorbed into your pores. Some of these toxins are then able to wreck havoc on your skin, leading to wrinkles and aging. The bottom line is that you should kick this habit now to achieve healthier skin.

#2 – Dehydration

Another common cause of premature skin aging is dehydration. When the skin dries out, it’s more susceptible to flaking, cracking and suffering other forms of damage. If you aren’t doing so already, try to get into the habit of using an all-natural moisturizing cream on a daily basis. Don’t limit yourself to only moisturizing your face but include your entire body as well. This will prove to be an immense help in maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

For optimal protection against dehydration, check out our aloe vera liquid concentrate. It contains 99% aloe vera, enriched with a proprietary blend of essential vitamins and nutrients. You can apply this directly to your skin, or you can use it in conjunction with a body wrap for an even greater effect.

#3 – Sun Exposure

Arguably, the single most common cause of premature skin aging is the sun. Unfortunately, there’s no way to completely avoid the sun unless you stay cooped up indoors 24 hours a day. The good news is that you can lather up in a high-SPF sunscreen lotion to keep your skin protected. If you plan to stay outside for longer than 20 minutes, put some sunscreen lotion on the exposed areas of your skin.

#4 – Not Getting Enough Sleep

A fourth cause of premature skin aging is lack of sleep. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s oftentimes difficult to get a full night’s sleep. When you finally get off work, you’ll likely have a dozen other errands and responsibilities to take care of. However, your body needs a full 6-7 hours of sleep each and every night to remain healthy. Lack of sleep will naturally place a strain on your body and your skin.

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