20 Armband Tattoo Designs

Tribal armbands are some of the most popular types of armband tattoos. There was a time about 10 – 15 years ago when this type of tattoo was all the rage, for a while they seemed to disappear but recently they have started to make a comeback again. One of the advantages of this type of tattoo is that they can easily be secreted away under a sleeve so if you really do not want to display your artwork, it can be hidden. In fact some companies will not hire anyone with visible tattoos so these are perfect as they can be away during work hours and on display when you leave work. Just like any other symbol which is used as a tattoo, these armband tattoos have meanings. While most people who look at them are not aware of any meaning to them, it is important that you should be aware of the meanings before you go ahead and get one. Make sure you understand the meaning because it will be linked to you for a very long time!



Black Armband Tattoos

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Black Armband Tattoos

These are traditionally worm to carry the memory of someone who has passed away and was particularly special to you. This is normally a relative or very close friend. These are derived from the tradition of wearing a black armband during during mourning right after the death of a loved one. A tattoo might well be a sign that the wearer thinks they will mourn the passing for the rest of their life.



Barbed Wire Armband

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Barbed Wire Armband

The barbed wire here is used to be symbolic of the death of Jesus and the crown of thorns that he wore when he was crucified. Anyone who gets a tattoo of this type may well be wearing it to symbolise salvation and hope.



Heritage armbands

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Heritage armbands

Some armband tattoos are worn to show the family history and as a symbol of pride in the ancestry of a name. Cherry blossom is frequently used in this manner with the Chinese connection being to love and courage and possibly femininity. In Japan the cherry blossom means the transience of life. The Hawaiian culture will use many water based themes as understandably they are very popular in that area. They also display a sense of pride in the culture. Hawaiian armbands may include dolphins and fishes of any type along with sea turtles and flowers of the islands.



Celtic Knots

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Celtic Knots

These are better known as love knots as the sides appear woven in towards each other and no ends are visible. This is a very ancient design which means an unending situation like love. That there are no ends is designed to create an interesting effect where you will look for ages and still not find the end. These are great tattoo designs which will attract attention at all times.



Image: Sortra

Birds and bands

There are some absolutely stunning designs which include birds into the armband. Any bird you fancy may be added and the beauty here is that you may color the birds as beautifully as you like or keep them just in outlines.




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Musical Notes

These are fun armbands for a musician to sport! Again, the band must be completed perfectly and then the music notes places on at even intervals. You would want to keep this tattoo all black as in a music sheet.



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Floral armbands

These are mostly worn by women as a symbol of femininity and gentleness. There are some deeper meanings to flowers and before you select a flower theme for your band you should fine out the exact meaning of the flower.




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Native American armbands

These are usually in the design of a rope with feathers or beads adorning it and sometimes hanging from the rope. Sometimes there will be dream catchers added into the design. These designs are always relevant to the native American culture.




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Swirls and Stars

These are very complicated designs and must be done by a professional who knows what he is doing as if it is not perfectly joined up will look messy. The circles must meet at exactly the same place on every join. A truly skilled artist will be able to do this and produce a spectacular piece of artwork.


Image: TattooBlend


There is without a doubt an extremely satisfying feeling on the completion of a well thought out tattoo. Even better when it has been created perfectly and the meaning is well conceived. The saying that ‘if you can dream it, we can ink it’ has never been truer as there are many artists now who make their living tattooing people. It is a very popular thing to have done now and does not have the stigma attached to it as it did have years ago. If you decide to get a tattoo of any kind you should ask around and be sure you have a very good artist who knows exactly what design you want. If you want an armband then find someone who specialises in doing them because one that does not join up perfectly will be messy and you will not be happy with it.


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