At-Home Abdominal Workouts (No Gym Required!)

Blond woman exercisingLooking to achieve a firmer, more toned midsection but don’t know where to start? Some people assume that expensive gym memberships are necessary to effectively burn stomach fat while creating a firm midsection. While gyms have plenty of great machines which target the midsection, the truth is that you can work out your abdominal muscles just as easily at home. Rather than throwing your money away month after month on an overpriced gym membership, you should try some of the following at-home ab workouts.

Bicycle Crunches

One of my personal favorite ab workouts is the bicycle crunch. This is similar to traditional crunches but with a few key differences. To perform a set of bicycle crunches, lay down with your back against the floor and your hands interlocked together behind your head. Now, use your abdominal muscles to lift and twist your body to the left while simultaneously bringing your left knee to meet your right elbow. When the two touch — or come close to touching — bring your body back down to the floor and repeat the steps in the opposite direction using your right knee and left elbow.

Leg Raises

If you though bicycle crunches are were easily, you’ll be shocked at the simplicity of this exercise. A leg raise is just what it sounds like: raising your legs into the air while laying down on the floor. Although it sounds simple,  leg raises force nearly every muscle in your stomach and midsection to contract, resulting in an excellent abdominal workout that’s sure to burn body fat while creating firm muscles. To get the most benefit from it, start by laying down flat on the floor and lift both legs about two and half feet up into the air. Keep your legs parallel with one another and hold this position for 30-50 seconds. Now, lower your legs down to the ground and repeat the process again. Continue doing this a couple times each day and you will notice your stomach become stronger and more tones.


A third at-home abdominal workout that’s incredibly easy is called the plank. To perform it, stretch your body out on the floor like your are about to do a pushup. Rather than holding your body weight up with your hands, though, you’ll want to place your forearms on the floor. You should now be in a ‘plank’ position with the tips of your toes and both your forearms holding your body up. Hold this position for as long as possible before releasing your body back down to the floor.

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