Fall in Love with 20 Best African American Hairstyles

Best African American Hairstyles

A good African American hairstyle will definitely stand out in a crowd. Whether they are bold, simple, trendy or chic, they will make a statement.


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A classic style is a sleek bob which is parted on one side with the layers left rather heavy. The bangs are then swirled over to the other side and end with a slight upturned twist at the end. This style also benefits from some additional highlights to just enhance the whole look. Start off with dry hair and then apply some styling crème, before blow drying it.


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Then start to work small sections under at a time with a curling iron. Hen you get to the bangs you should make an upward curl at the ends. Apply a small amount of oil at the end to give the style it’s sleek look and a light mist to hold it into place. You will find that straight hair works well here and this style suits an oval or round face.


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A head full of dark gorgeous locks is something to be admired! Starting with dry hair sweep a portion of hair up towards the back of the head and secure in a loose band. Then you should apply some gel and begin to curl small sections of hair at a time into a mass if loose ringlets which will gently cascade down to the ends. If the hair is long enough then drape some curls over your shoulders. You might need to use a spray to hold the curls in place for any length of time. This is one of those amazing styles which will work with any shape of face.


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Adding golden highlights is a good way to accentuate the facial features, notably the eyes and lips. A shoulder length bob is perfect for this treatment. You should start off with towel dried hair which you have had highlights of your choice added. Blow dry the hair as straight as you can then using a flat iron, straighten the hair with the ends curled under very slightly. Smooth on a little Argan oil to give an extra sheen and then use a light mist spray to hold in place. This style suits all face shapes. Be sure if you add a highlight that you select one that enhances your natural skin tone.


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Tight afro hair styles work well with African American hairstyles. This is a full head of fairly tight curls that hug the face and make it the focal point. Because the ears are completely exposed you can be bold with your earrings and also with your eye make up as the face is the centre of attraction here.


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Upcurls are great to do with longer hair. Allow the hair to dry by using the towel and then gather all the hair up into a ponytail as high as you can, preferably on top of the head. If your hair is not already very curly you may add to the curls by making tight curls with your tongs. This hair style will also benefit with having the ends colored in a warmer color. The curls should be tight and cascade down to the ends. You can also use a decorative clasp to secure the ponytail and then add a spray of mist to keep them in place. This style need you to have fairly tight curls and slightly longer hair. This is a very youthful style, better suited to younger ladies.


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A head of looser curls looks good with some warm amber highlights. Ideally these should be shoulder length so you would start off with slightly longer hair. Towel dry your hair and apply a medium hold gel working right from the roots. The you and to lightly twist small sections of hair and use a diffuser to dry the hair. Once our hair is dry you should run your finger through the curls to separate them and increase volume. Any curls which are not matching the rest can be curled with tongs. A spray of setting lotion will keep them in place. This style will suit any face shape and is a very cute, trendy style to wear.


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Long loose curls work better on hair that is slightly longer than shoulder length. You can use either a middle or side part and towel dry your hair. Use straightening tongs to straighten hair down to the half way mark and then use curling tongs to give a cascade of loose curls down to the end of the hair. A small amount of shiny gel will enhance the sheen here. If the curls are too tight then use your fingers to shake them out a little. This is a very sophisticated style which is easy to do and looks good at casual and formal occasions alike. It also suits any face shape.

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