A Collection of 20 Best Hair Color Ideas for 2016

Best Hair Color Ideas for 2016

Seasons change from time to time and so does the style required to help you remain beautiful and stunning though the weather begin to make twists and turns. 2016 is not going to be an exception, the all to familiar change in style also affects hair color choices as well. You can get things going especially in the coming fall season with ultra flattering colors such as the latest in autumn shades, celebrity approved brunette styles and the beautiful Priyanka Chopra Babylights.


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In this article, we have complied some of the best hair color choices which have been rocked by seasoned celebrities that will also work great for you especially if they match perfectly with your skin tone. So it does not matter whether you want a new look or a slight shake up in your appearance, you can get a going with this approved colors.


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This almost gray platinum by Jennifer Lawrence is a top choice and will work just right for you like it does in this picture for her if you have a skin tone similar to hers. Jennifer really gave Helen Mirren a run for her money on this one.


Image: Her Interest


Image: Harper’s Bazaar


Image: Makeup Tutorials

The nice blend of babylights and Cami Alves’s complexion is a great choice for women who appear more “chocolate” than others. Its so natural and should help you steal the show at any event.

Most celebrities have at one time or the other given this ebony hue color a try, you can almost confuse it for either a burnt auburn color or a jet black.


Image: Pop Haircuts


Image: Allure

This un-natural Smoky lilac color is a really good choice especially if you like the carrying an ombre hair-do. It is cool and progresses just fine from the top to the bottom.

This cool mixture of blonde color and pink dye at the hair tip can be a good fit for the fall, especially if you want to have a fun hair color that compliments you skin.


Image: Styles Weekly


Image: Total Beauty


Image: Hair Fashion Online

Nice set of golden blonde tones with lovely brown roots, should be good for a cheerful and bright look.

A soft jet black color can be a great fit especially if being radiant is what you desire. This hairstyle here, does a lot to complete Kylie’s look.


Image: Best Hair Color Dye


Image: Maxelinho


Image: Archzine

The red here is almost as real as a natural hair color, this should be a great choice especially if you love a natural look and wouldn’t want to change even if the season suggests you should.

Check out Emma Robert’s mixture of golden hair tone with darks roots. You might not want to go for a short hairstyle like she has on here, but will still look great with which ever hairstyle you choose as long as it blends with your skin tone.


Image: Ask Hairstyles


Image: Hairiz

Jennifer Lopez is the master of the faded ombre style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also rock it just like she does.


Image: Style Craze


Image: Nail2hair


Image: Stylishster

This brazzy tone is not one of the popular hair color that you can find around, this is largely due to the complicated nature of getting it done. When done right, it could be a masterpiece.

What ever hair color choice you make, be sure that it is the right fit for you – should match well with your skin tone and not look harsh.

New seasons are always accompanied with great feelings, but you can spice things up with style by appearing in a totally new look or a slightly tuned one.

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