Timeless and Trendy Black and White Outfit Ideas

We all know the classics, the black and white movies where eyelashes fluttered and Gents in sweaters came to call with flowers. The nostalgia that touches our hearts  appears with a black and white approach. You can bring that thoughtful inspiration to life with Black and white styles. Romantic and dreamy or cute and trendy Black and White outfit ideas are taking a part of the reminiscent past and sharing it with the promises of tomorrow. Black and white are technically considered shades of color. In this modern day and age we are seeing the color wheel thinking outside of the box and black and white have become more prominent now than ever before. This dynamic duo is fashionably articulated and modernized into a chic array of delightful designs. Being trendy is a matter of inner perspective. Black and white will bring a fresh look to the horizon.

Bring your look to life with iconic styles.Dressing up or dressing down is a style of your own design. A sweater or jacket can transform an outfit and give it an entirely different perspective. Many looks are dual purposed and are able to independently carry from day to night. Longer skirts , shorter skirts and shorts are back into fad with an essence of chic delivery. The pictures included below offer fresh ideals and an alternate perspective to black and white outfits in any season. You will see how shoes and varied accents help to create a complete fashion. Your hair style and nails are trendsetting accessories that will step up your look to a whole new level. The looks you are about to see will have you running to dedicate an entire side of your closet to only black and white fashions.

Stylish Outfit Idea with Black Fur Coat

001 Stylish-Outfit-Idea-with-Black-Fur-Coat 15

Image: Chicisimo

It doesn’t get better than furry short black boots. A pair of solid tights lead into a slick skirt outfit. A three quarters length black fur coat sets the tone for the style in warmth and comfort.

Black and White Outfit

002 Black-White-Work-Outfits-For-Women-7 15

Image: Zappos

There’s a diva in the office styling appeal is shown here. A lock and loop heel design is the perfect accompaniment to an angled black skirt and a white sharp collared button up blouse. Add a wide and bold belt and you have a finished look.

Party Social Attire

003 f21-outfit 15

Image: Wardrobe in Harmony by Julz

Gold zippered pockets are seen on white trouser shorts. A fitted black blazer is set over top a black and white striped top.Above the ankle block heel boots create balance to the style. Note the hairstyle accentuates the design.

Black and White Outfit

004 long-sleeve-t-shirt-skater-skirt-pumps-tote-bag-necklace-watch-large-8392 15

Image: Lookastic

A flirty skirt is chic and sleek when matched with a vertically striped fitted top. Sheer black nylons slide into a mod pair of deep red ankle strapped heels. To add a bonus to the look the designer has brought an elongated fringed bag.

Street Style Ideas With Stripes – Striped Pencil Skirt

005 Street-Style-Ideas-With-Stripes-Striped-Pencil-Skirt 15

Image: Hapa Time

A fitted black shirt has peek a boo slats along the side accenting the vertically striped fitted pencil skirt. A black clutch is fashioned with a pair of reflective metallic silver heels.

Street Style Ideas With Stripes – Striped Sweater

006 Street-Style-Ideas-With-Stripes-Striped-Sweater 15

Image: Atlantic Pacific

This is both cute and chic style. A prep styled collar and sweater layering is genuine when tucked into a short pleated bell skirt. What makes this style pop is the bright sunny yellow heels that are contrasting while compatible.

Simple Black and White

007 trendy-black-and-white-outfit-ideas-8 15

Image: Outfit Ideas HQ

A silky skirt has a sheer line in the hem creating depth to the outfit. A cropped stark white top holds a mock turtleneck. Rounded black heels are fresh and harmonious to the designers style and look.

Pretty White Dress with Black Jacket

008 Pretty-White-Dress-with-Black-Jacket 15

Image: Seams For a Desire

A petite white dress is belted with a thin leather belt. Black pumps are suited with a black leather jacket that merges two worlds and two styles together in unified peace.

Gorgeous Black and White Outfit Idea

009 Gorgeous-Black-and-White-Outfit-Idea 15

Image: Borsadi Mary Poppins

Black and white wide legged Polk a dotted pants are classy and sincere when paired with a white top and fitted black blazer. Red heels are expertly placed with a trendy red bag.

Lovely White and Black Outfit Idea

010 Lovely-White-and-Black-Outfit-Idea 15

Image: Style Lovely

Fashioned for day or night the black skirt is set with a sleeveless white patterned top that has a black trim around the seams. A wide yellow belt is matched with yellow heels that are adorned with bows on the tops for a lady like appeal.

Sassy Black and White Outfit Idea

011 Sassy-Black-and-White-Outfit-Idea 15

Image: Different Cands

Wide legged pants make a comeback with a white pullover that has a black block line down the sleeves. The fashionista heels take center stage making room for the white designer bag at their side.

Trendy Office Outfit Idea

012 main.original.0x1000c 15

Image: Who What Wear

A black and white dress with a thigh high split evolves with straight legged pants underneath. A bright royal blue scalloped lace up heel offers a unique and distinctive look.

Classy Black and White Outfit

013 Checked-skirt-Pic-7-2.0-final-2-640x891 15

Image: Arctic Vanilla

A wrap around side buttoned skirt has dimensional blocks in a black and white fashion. A silky black scoop neck top has stepped out with a light coat and gym shoes for walking comfort.

Romantic Chiffon Checkered Dress

014 Moves-like-a-Dream-9-433x650 15

Image: Wendy’s Lookbook

A black underlay is accompanied by a sheer black and white picnic patterned dress overlay. The look is elegant with chic heels and a sleek wavy hairstyle. Bracelets accent the outfit delightfully.

White Blouse Outfit with a Black Hat


Image: Fashion Diva Design

Here we have an upbeat outfit with black shorts and a classy V neck white blouse. The shoes are cross laced in the front and are accessorized with a brimmed black hat and gold chain.

Minimalist Black and White Outfit

016 Cara-Delevingne 15

Image: Trend Survivor

Prepared to make a statement we see a loose white turtleneck tucked into bunched black slim fit pants.Open toed heels are a deal maker and a camo purse is freshly independent.

Black White Clothing

017 42

Image: Wardrobe Looks

We have an oversized sweater that is layered over a long front tied white blouse. A pair of white pants with black lined squares set the tone for brown leather slip on sandals.

Cute Summer Outfit

018 tumblr_o5pfuxFWfw1v2u2tro1_1280 15

Image: Daily Heels

Can an outfit get any trendier? We have a teacup solid black with white striped skirt and a white couture fit blouse. The heels are designer inspired with a criss – crossed strap in a neutral tone that is genius with a trench coat for spring.

Ways to Wear Black and White Outfits

019 black-white-outfit-1 15

Image: Makeup and Beauty

Loose and casual yet refined we have white slouched pants and a slate silk blouse. The black blazer has rolled up sleeves offering an artists perspective. Comfortable sandals fit the style and is absolutely splendid.

Outfit Ideas

020 Black-and-White-Outfit-Idea 15

Image: Pretty Designs

An edgy style has black leather shorts and a loose fit top. A long black vest is accented with white thick ankle straps. A black larger leather clutch tops off the look with a generous style.


We have seen designer shoes walk the style lines of black and white fashions. Wide legged pants are a favorite to incorporate into your design. Shorts are adventurously capable when paired with a blazer  or a chic blouse.  Loose and natural we see casual afternoon looks fitting of a stroll through an artistic town. Another popular style is a tea cup skirt that is chic and elegant and can hold its own with any style. Fresh looks and glamorous touches come together to create a complete creative fashion. Bags, clutches and purses are innovative in design and take the stage in this show of driven fashions. Your style is woven with your own creative energy and individual flair for your inspirational vision.

Black and white fashions are seamless and  ever classic with appeals that will never lose its momentum. These looks are an iconic inspiration that is nostalgic in its own right. Stripes and solids lend symmetry and a chic setting to your look. Pair a trendy bag and bangle bracelets to place fine details into the style allowing for a thoughtful  and sincere look. We’ve come a long way from the days of those black and white shows, but it doesn’t mean we have to fully let go of the timeless notions that have fashionably moved forward into our day and time. With Independence and confidence you are able to be your own individual in your own style. Whatever the day may bring you will be prepared to stand tall and smart in your spotlight style black and white outfit.

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