Rock Your Style with These 20 Black and White Outfits

Black and White Outfits

Some women actually do not relish the idea of wearing colors and some women really do not have time to spend every morning deciding on which color matches which so a black and white outfit is just the thing for them. Now while you might think that these are very boring colors, you should see that they are in fact the makings of some absolutely stunning outfits. It is actually very hard to look boring in black and white!


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Black leggings worn with a black top in whichever style you prefer, are very well topped of when a white lightweight jacket is worn on top.
Traditionally the deeper color is worn at the lowest point here and this is not a bad thing to follow as a black shirt looks great when teams with a white top. Again the style of the skirt is up to you, be is midi, mini or maxi and straight or flared. Keep your shoes white here as this just completes the look.


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Black and white striped t shirts combined with black shorts will give a summery look which is easy to wear and smart enough to go out in. Paired with a pair of black shoes this is a relaxed style that anyone can wear.


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Black jeans have always looked great with a white shirt and they look even better when a black jacket is draped over the shoulder or worn. A few well chosen pieces of silver jewelery will take this outfit to the next level. Adding a splash of color in the form of a bright red handbag will perfect it.


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Little black dresses are enhanced by the addition of anything white with a design on it. So your little balck and white dress will look better with a white chequered scarf or a black and white over coat.

Black dungarees look trendy with the addition of a striped or even check shirt underneath. Black sandals will complete the outfit with a black handbag.


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Some dresses lend themselves to fabric which is made from variegated colors where the top of the dress starts off as white and changes down through the greys into the black as the skirt. Ideally this should be a flouncy style of dress to carry of the fabric change but it does work remarkably well.


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When a dress is predominantly white with black on it, it will look better if there is minimum black so that the white actually takes centre stage here. So a white dress with black designs should be more white than black. The shoes may be black as this will not over power the white.


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White has often been thought to make a lady look fat but this is not strictly true with a well fitting skirt and a black top which is covered by a white jacket. This is a very classy style which looks good on any occasion.


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White jeans combined with a black top always look classy. When we finish this off with a black jacket it is a show stopper. Combined with open toed sandals in a neutral shade will just complete this outfit.

Black patterned skirts are always a good item to keep in the wardrobe as they can be so easily combined with a favorite white t shirt and a pair of strappy sandals.


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Black and white check has never rally gone out of style and you will find that a dress in a feminine style will go perfectly with a black jacket, handbag and black shoes. The dress will ensure that there is enough light color to offset the harsh black. Combine this with some bright earrings or a scarf and the outfit will be complete.


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Oversized black sweaters always look good over a pair of white loose pants. This just finishes of the casual look when combined with black easy shoes and a casual hairstyle.

Black mini skirts always look well when teamed up with hip length white jackets. The skirt length may be longer if you are more comfortable with that length. Add to this a neutral bag and matching shoes and your outfit is perfect!


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When you have a wardrobe which is predominantly black and white it is important that you expand your range of accessories to compliment this. Here is where you have a huge range to choose form. You will not need large pieces of clothing to do this but it is a good idea to choose bright colors to accentuate the black and white combo. So pieces like a bright red handbag or an orange scarf will work wonders. Bright, bold earrings are a good idea as are the occasional pair of colored shoes. Whichever black and white outfit you choose, there will be some bright color to accentuate the combination and make it look trendy and chic.

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