20 Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair



During many years Bob haircut is one of the most favorite and fashionable one. I think at least once every woman thought about the idea to have this haircut. Even among my friends, there are 2 girls who chose it! Yes, Bob has always changed: sometimes it was a little bit longer, sometimes a little bit shorter. But in general I hope you can agree with me, it stayed the same. Just imagine that Bob is popular fro about a century! Times changed, fashion changed but this haircut stayed alive, that’s why we should pay attention for it . What is the main secret of Bob?


Key for success

Without any doubts, we can outline 3 main reasons of such a great success:
1) It’s practical
2) It’s simple
3) It’s incredibly easy to laying.
I think it’s the main reasons but I can add that it is also very stylish and can make any woman looks charming. We created a success formula for haircuts on the example of Bob. We found all necessary ingredients. Just look at Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Mireille Mathieu – all these outstanding women chose this haircut. Nowadays Bob is popular among Rihanna, Keira Knightley and Victoria Beckham. If now you decided to join celebrities and also to have this haircut, then you need to know which Bob’s variant fits and how to make a right choice!







To know if this formula will be successful for you, just answer the following question. Do you have thick hair? If your answer is yes then an ideal variant for you will be thick and volume bangs. Do you have a smooth haircut? If it’s about you then you should choose asymmetrical bangs.
Reasons to choose this variant of Bob:
1) Bangs creates soft, flowing lines which gently emphasize your face.
2) Bob has a unique ability to make your face leaner.
This formula as a magic wand can change your face! It helps your face to be totally perfect.



Bob + thin hair

If you have hair which is air and weightless and not thick at all, don’t worry. For such hair types, Bob also works as a magic wand! But here we need something special. When you will come to the salon, ask the master to make you a special variant of Bob. Remember that there should be no smooth or sharp edges! Here should be only soft lines.
Special tip. If you want to have more volume then there is one secret. Try to avoid drying and styling with a hair dryer. It is very dangerous for your hair!




Bob + medium length hair

Practically to each type of face fits Bob if you have medium length hair. The main feature and secret here is a hair length. Usually, hair reaches neck. Be creative and use different hair stylings. Hair styling can make from the ordinary haircut strict or business hairstyle. For some special occasions, hair styles can also be useful. As spices can make the same dishes taste different, in the same way, hair style works. From businesswomen to the elegant lady you can be easily transformed and this process will take only about one hour!

Bob Haircuts For Fine Hair



Bob + long hair

It is the most popular variant of Bob. A bit here we can also see a great diversity. And you can always choose some variant which will perfectly fit you! For whom, this haircut can be useful?
1) You have a long face and you want to make it “shorter”? This type of Bob can bring volume to your hair. Volume hair can make your face visually not long.
2) You have round face but want to make it more elongated? Wit help of this haircut everything is possible! Here the main secret is a hair styling. If you want your face to look elongated then your hair styling should be smooth and straight



Bob + short hair

If your hair is ease, thin and delicate then this haircut is something you were looking for! Visually your hair will have volume! I often see the question:”If I have a round face nay I do this haircut?” My answer is yes, yes and thousand times yes! You should just ask the master to make bangs longer and you will look really perfect!
Bob Haircut VS Square Haircut




Sometimes people can’t differ Bob haircut from Square haircut. And I have to tell that I understand these people. No master will explain you the main and general differences because there are so many types of Bob and Square. But in my opinion, we can outline some special features. Classic Bob is a haircut with short strands at the back side and elongated strands. Anyway, we can’t say that it is the main difference because, as I have already said, there are a lot of Square haircut types. I know some cases when a hairdresser wanted to make a Square haircut but the result was another and we could see Bob.
Anyway, don’t be afraid of experiments and try something new!

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