20 Boho Chic Updo Hairstyles for Every Occasion

Boho Hairstyles Ideas

Boho is short for Bohemian and as such conjures up all sorts of images for long hair. Sometimes we think of this with flowers, sometimes with ribbons but always with long hair. Boho hairstyle ideas are just as appealing in the summer as they are in the winter months, in fact they are a year round style which you will love!


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Braided crowns are possibly one of the iconic styles of this range and who does not love them! A section of hair is taken and braided into a relatively thin long braid which is then wound all around the head and secured at the en of the braid. This is an easy style and can be adapted for all lengths. If the braid is too short to go all around the head then you simply start a new braid where the first one ended. This is one of the easiest styles to do and suits most face shapes.


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Another braid idea is to only braid small thin sections and then to let them all hang down with the rest of the long hair. Don’t braid sections more than 1 inch as the idea is to have some – and the amount is up to you – thin braids intertwined with the other hair. This used to be a style which was worn with a garland of flowers in the hair but that is entirely up to you!


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Boho plaits are made by parting your hair all the way over your head down the middle and the loosely plaiting each side. Clasp at the bottom of each plait at the same height and add a flower or two if you like. The effect is finished off by ruffling the plaits a bit so that they are not absolutely perfect, but rather a little ‘messy’.


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Thin rope adorned with tiny rosettes and then wound around the head across the forehead is one way that will adorn your boho hairstyle. You may choose to either let all your hair hang loose or have one or two plaits intertwined with the hair. Again, try not to have the plaits too neat, it is in effect a ruffled look.


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Tight braids may be created when the hair is parted in the middle and all of it is sectioned into thicker pieces and braided in a French braid all the way down to the ends. This is a good style to use when on the beach to stop hair from blowing all around and getting ruined by the sun. It will be kept under control in it’s braids and still look good after a swim!


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Braiding into a low bun at the back of the neck is especially good for hair that is already on the curly side as it will lend itself to the curling. Start with two 1 inch braids either side of a middle part and braid round to the back of the head. The two braids are then wound into a bun and secured at the base of the neck. The desired effect here is a rather messy bun instead of a neat and tidy one so don’t worry if some strands escape, it only adds to the style.


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A French knot is worked by flipping your head over and Dutch braiding upside down so that you end up with the end of the braid on the top of your head. Secure the plait and then form into a loose bun right on the top of your head. Pin into place. This style works well with hair that has been highlighted as the large thick braid at the back shows of the mixture of colors very well.


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Two braids merging into one are managed by making a middle part and then braiding a 1 inch section on either side of the path until they meet together at the back of the head. You then join them using your favourite clasp and continue the braid down. The braid is now twice as thick as it has both smaller braids combined. Keep it loose and not too neat and secure it at the bottom. Try to have the ends of the braid mingle with the rest of the hair.


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A Dutch halo braid is where all the hair is braided into relatively thick braids at various points around the head to form a continuous circle of braid around the head. All the hair is taken up and it is a fairly neat style although you can add embellishments where you choose to brighten it up. Tuck the ends in with bobby pins so that they are not visible at all.


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Baubles are a favourite item to include in a braid and these can take the shape of large beads or pretty rings. In fact whatever you can find that pleases you and can have hair run through it to secure it will work with this style.

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