20 Awesome Box Short Haircuts

Box Short Haircuts

It is often said that less is more and in terms of hairstyle things aren’t different at all. Maybe some time ago when we saw a woman on the street with a short box hairstyle we would be surprised, but nowadays this type of hairstyle is not shocking anymore and even more, it is highly in fashion. For someone who wants to stand out of the crowd, in a world still dominated by the medium and long hair, short box haircut is a perfect choice for if you are a rebel, energetic and playful.

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On top of that, if we think of costs, short haircuts are leading the pack. On one hand, it is high time saving as you don’t have to spend half of your morning ritual styling it or going at least once a month to the hairdresser and find a solution to make it give you fewer headaches. On the other hand, if we think about money,it will also add some savings to your pocket as you will use less shampoo, conditioner, styling products and even the visits to the beauty salon will cost you less. Therefore, the benefits of short box haircut are plenty and if you still don’t know what is it all about, let’s have a short journey in the subject together.

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If you are thinking of an uncanny look, you can consider as an option the extremely short box haircut that will definitely turn heads. All you need to do is to gather all your courage, talk to your hairdresser and get it as short as possible. On top of that, dye it in a lighter color, for example, gray or platinum, and you won’t regret. The result will be stunning and will put all your face’s featuresin a brighter light. Another option would be to make it intensively red giving you more sexuality and feminism. In the end, it doesn’t even matter what color your hair will be, you can even keep it natural because an extremely short haircut will emphasize better your features and you will be absolutely gorgeous.

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For Afro-American women who have thick hair and usually harder to style, a short afro box haircut could be the solution to all their nightmares. However, keep in mind that the length should be according to your head shape. Therefore, try to keep it balanced but at the same time let it have a bit of volume. This type of short box hairstyle together with a natural make-up on a tanned skin will inspire so much femininity, that you would have never thought about.

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In addition, if your hair is curly, even though curly hair is extremely beautiful, we know that it offers some hard times. As it tends to be a rebel, it is usually hard to give it a shape and make it look all the time healthy and vigorous. Therefore, cutting it short in a box hairstyle could help it regenerate and keep at the same time its natural beauty. On top of that, when it is cut short, curly hair will become more definite and it will curl up giving you a unique natural look. Adding some color would be a good idea as it will add an interesting effect to your appearance and our proposal would be to choose one that is closer to your skin color, thus keeping the natural tendency.

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Last but not least, in a short box hairstyle you can play a bit more and shave your hair on the sides, thus going slightly into the punk zone. Probably you think it is too daring especially if you are a business woman, but you don’t have to be that extreme. Think first of all that if you keep it in a mild color your look won’t be that shocking. In addition, if you add a trendy lipstick color, all the eyes will be on your lips and the hair will be just an accessory.

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To put it in a nutshell, either you want it for day to day working in the office or you want to go to a special event, club or dating, short boxing hairstyle can be adjusted to any situation. It is easy, fun and playful and you couldn’t wish for more than that.

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