A Round-Up of 20 Chic Short Bob Hairstyles

Chic Short Bob Hairstyles

Chic short bob hairstyles are one of the most versatile styles you can wear. They are also very easy to do yourself at home with the minimum of fuss and work. Often all you need it a hair dryer and some gel or wax to make this style work well. It’s a fun style which lends itself to being colored or shaded in any way you want.


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The pixie look can be improved by adding texture to the cut. You should ask for slighter longer layers. To style your hair this was start when your hair is damp. You are actually just running your fingers through your hair until it air dries. When it is dry you then apply a texture cream or mousse to shape it into the most pleasing design.


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You may need to add some hairspray if they style is to stay in place for any length of time. This is the style for you if you have an oval or heart shaped face and also great if your hair is naturally wavy as this ill add to the fullness.


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Mohawks are very eye catching and a perfect style to adapt a short cut. Start off with your hair damp and add styling mousse to the root ends. Use a dryer and y your hair in upward sweeps, styling the sections as you go along. Depending on the length of the hair on top you can keep the mohawk straight up or flip it over towards the back of your head. Either way this is a style that will require you using some gel or spray to keep it in place. Mohawks of any kind look really well on a square shaped face.


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Asymmetrical bobs can be very attractive when the fringe is cut roughly with one side being short and the other tapering down to just below ear length. This is the perfect style to add some color, blondes will benefit from adding a bright pink color, or even mint green. Actually any color will set this design off very well. Start off with your hair dry and smooth and apply some serum to the ends of your hair. Then using a flat iron smooth and straighten your hair even more into this style. You may need to use some gel or spray to keep it in this style for any length of time. This style works very well with straight fine hair. Round face will be shown off here so pay attention to your eye make up.


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A textured straight bob can be made more attractive and eye catching by using many layers with a rough cut fringe. Start with your hair damp and then using a medium brush begin to dry from the roots using an upward curl to give more volume at the base of the hair. Using a flat iron on the fringe to give it an extra straight look will be the perfect way to finish this style. Apply some gel to the ends to give them some separation. This is a style which does not need to be perfectly neat and tide but looks better having some pieces out of place. Round faces look great with this style and it also works better with medium to thick hair.


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A bob look may be altered a little by having the bangs a little longer and then sweeping them over to one side. This is a very trendy look which suits younger people well. Start with damp hair which you then apply a boosting spray at the root ends. Take your medium sized brush to finish drying and then using some back combing, dry and shape the bangs over to one side with a slight curl up at the ends. You will need to use a spray to hold this in place for any length of time. This works great with fine hair as the drying technique actually boosts the volume, making the hair look much fuller. Square faces wear this style very well.


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A bob which is right at chin length is simply the most classic of all the bobs! Very chic and trendy, it draws attention to your face. Pay attention to your eye make up and earrings. You can either let your hair dry naturally or use a paddle brush to dry it. Then by taking a curling iron you should straighten and slightly curl the ends under to give the traditional bob style. This is a style that works well with any type of hair and will serve to soften any harsh facial features.


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Chic bob hairstyles are seriously the trend now with many big names wearing them. Not surprising when you consider just how great this style looks, how low maintenance it is and just how much you can do with it.

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