20 Cute And Trendy Winter Outfit Ideas

Boost Your Winter Wardrobe

When there’s a slight chill in the air you know it is time to start thinking about your wardrobe for the season to come. While you may think that you have your winter wardrobe all sorted, it is always a good idea to reevaluate your options. Going through your closet and pulling out your winter clothes from last year can give you a better sense of what you have and what you need. There are some simple ways to build on the pieces you have by getting a few nice items that will give you entirely new winter outfit ideas and a myriad of new wardrobe options.

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Hands-down the simplest way to update your winter wardrobe is to find a new winter jacket. With new heat technology in coats improving every year, you don’t need to look like a giant marshmallow to stay warm anymore. A great way to add some warmth and get a dramatic flair is to find yourself a warm winter cape. This beautiful alternative to a typical coat will give you a beautiful silhouette with a decidedly vintage feel.


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Adding a fur lining to the hood and sleeves will really make a big statement. Some winter capes have slits for your arms meaning they only need to emerge from the warmth of your coat when necessary. Winter capes can also be accessorized with a stunning pair of soft and warm elbow length gloves.


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If a cape is a bit too dramatic for you, why not try a thickly lined pea coat. It is easy to take this fall staple and make it a winter favorite just by opting for a thicker fabric. You will get all of the nautical charm without the brisk wind penetrating the coat.

Sweaters are another important winter outfit staple. While you might think there are not ways to make a sweater stand out, you can get creative. One of the hottest sweater trends is adding an asymmetrical edge. You can wear this look several ways depending on what look you are going for this winter. Having the bottom of your sweater longer on one side than the other creates interesting angles and can have a slimming effect when paired with skinny jeans. Another great use of asymmetry in sweaters is having the fabric be shorter in the front and longer in the back. Some designers are even adding a dramatic slit down the back of the sweater so your tank top can peek through.


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When looking for a good option for winter bottoms it is important to consider what type of footwear you will be wearing. If you are going for a knee-high boot, focus on finding skinny jeans, leggings or thick tights. Anything bulkier will get stuck bunching at the knee and breaking the clean lines that make your look. If you are wearing cute short boots, then you can wear a pant with a slightly more distinct flair at the bottom. Or, another great short boot option is to wear tights and pair them with a super cute skirt or long sweater. Adding a long sweater to your tights and short boots will create an effortlessly sexy winter outfit you can wear all day or night.

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The main rule of winter is never skimp on accessories. While you can really pull a look together with a matching scarf, hat, and glove set, it will also ensure you are always warm enough. Creating a stunning winter outfit is great, but it will not mean much if you are still cold.


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Make sure you have plenty of winter weather accessories in your closet so you can choose the options that fit your outfit best.


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Sometimes a chunky scarf looks amazing with a coat, and other times it may make you feel like you are getting lost in the yarn. Having choices will help you to accent your outfit perfectly.


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Staying warm doesn’t mean you have to layer yourself in drab and bulky options. Winter can be a magical time that brings you style inspiration and gives you new ways to wear your old favorites. Try new outfit combinations, layer on some new accessories, and soon you will be wishing for snow!


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