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Crown tattoos are not your run of the mill design and it is not that often that you come across them. When you do, however they can be quite spectacular. Often they are included in a larger tattoo but they can also be chosen as a single design. They may be small or larger as your fancy takes you, and either filled on or left as just an outline. The wonderful thing about tattoos is that you have so many choices as to what you have done!



The crown tattoo usually symbolises power and wealth. People who have them done might not necessarily be powerful or wealthy but it is possibly their dream and aspiration to become so, and the tattoo is a reminder that they can be what they want to be.

Christians believed that a crown of thorns was placed on Jesus’ head when he was crucified and as such a crown may be a symbol for them which is deeply religious. You also may find that people have a crown to show their own personal struggles and achievements in life.


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Adding a Crown to a Design

An interesting addition of a crown is to use it to complete a tattoo and this may be found in the design of an stag which has a crown placed between the antlers. It is a rather large tattoo so is better suited to a leg or back to show off the crown and the animal to the fullest.

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The crown is often used on it’s own and small ones can be placed on the back, wrists, ankles or upper arms. In fact a small crown can be placed anywhere you wish. Larger crowns should have a special place such as the back where they can be easily seen.


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Crowns with Flowers and Letters

This design symbolises a princess and if you think of yourself this way then this is the design for you! The female crown is usually adorned with flowers which may be filled in using any color or left unfilled. The male crown is normally a little more rugged and manly with definitely no flowers here!


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Crowns with Names

Often a person may choose to have a name on the crown. There is usually a band at the base of the crown where this may be added. Often this is the name of a loved on, a family member or even a family motto. A point to consider is when you want to put a girlfriend or boyfriend’s name on! Will you still be happy with the name if you part company! Remember that a tattoo is permanent and is not easy to remove so you must be sure when adding a name that you intend it to stay there!



Crown and Roses

This is an incredibly effective and eye catching tattoo especially when the roses are colored bright red and the crown done in gold. Placed in a strategic place such as up at the top of the arm it becomes a centre point which will draw a lot of attention. You should be sure that you can handle all the attention because this one will certainly draw it to the design!


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Crowns for Women

These are usually smaller and more delicate outlines. Occasionally they are filled in but ore often they are left as an outline and placed simply on a wrist or thigh or even on a shoulder top.



Reverse Crowns

Often a crown is tattooed on one forearm and the is placed in the reverse position on the other forearm so one is the right way up and the other is upside down. This is very effective and looks great when both are colored the same way.


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The Zodiac and Crowns

The crown represents the sign of Leo who is represented as the king of the beasts and so you may often see a lion wearing a crown. Often a person who is born under this sun sign will want the crown incorporated somewhere into a chosen design.


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Whatever the reason for getting a crown tattoo, before you go ahead and start you should be sure about where you want it placed, whether you want it large or small and whether you want it colored and filled or left as an outline. Often a lady who gets a crown tattoo will have it done in the small of her back. Hearts and diamonds may be added to the basic crown design and these are normally done at the top of the crown. Some people might like to add their own names to the band of the crown or maybe a family member that has passed away. Mother’s names are a popular choice also. Family mottoes are another idea. After that you should research some crown designs and if you want a family one, be sure to take a detailed picture with you to the artist. Talk about the place you want it to be done on and b sure you are happy with it as it is going to be a permanent feature for a long time!

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