20 Super Hot Red Hairstyles

cute red hairstyles

This season the hottest hair color to wear is red, and the shades of red are many! They range from strawberry blonde to deep magenta – and everything in between! Short hair is the best type to turn red as they are easy to manage and look extremely cute when colored. It is worth having your red shade double checked by someone who knows about color as not all reds suit everyone. You might look better with a red at one end of the color chart but not at the other, so it is important to find the best section to choose from. There are many styles which just lend themselves to red hair, most of them are easy to manage yourself.

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Image: Love Secene Hair

A multi red razor cut bob is a very cute style where the bod is quite radically razored into layers. The red colors are applied in different shades and the result is very striking, to say the least!

A bold, messy bun is a style which seems to work well for an ‘in your face’ magenta. The bun is loosely gathered up at the back and secured. Magenta works well for either dark or fair skin tones.

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Image: Ellie Wilde

Corn rows using a subtle shade of lilac are very cute especially for younger girls. This is a great style for handling extremely straight hair as it is a complete change of style.

Super short cuts benefit from a deep red tint. A face framing pixie cut will work well with this color.

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Image: The Right Hairstyles

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Image: Pin IMG

Coating long waves in a candy color is a lovely style for longer hair. Curls are very loose and casual and tinted in pastel colors. Not quite as harsh as a full root color change but just as effective and cute.

For straight hair there is nothing more striking than combining violet and magenta with the darker color used at the roots. This gives thin hair the look of body and fullness.

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Image: Beauty Launchpad

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Image: The Fashion Spot

Combining magenta with bright yellow is not something you would think of as a match but actually it matches very well on a loose curled bob. Having a yellow color worked in will make this really stand out and be noticed.

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Image: Short Haircut

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Image: Pretty Designs

A choppy multi layered red cut is not always suited to every face but if this is the style that suits you, then layering it with red will just enhance it and rally make you stand out.

Whimsical waves are absolutely gorgeous when they show off layers of magenta in lighter and darker layers. Keep the waves loose with the darker color underneath.

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Image: Rebloggy

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Image: Voice of Hair

Fot the more adventurous person there is the half and half which is exactly what it says. Half the head is colored with magenta and the other side is colored with a contrast color such as bright pink. This is a stunning effect and certainly designed to draw attention to your color.

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Image: Black Hair Information

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Image: Polyvore

If you have long straight hair and are experimenting with color for the first time then a dark magenta is a good place to start. Colored equally all over with this bold color will give you a really cute cut and a good introduction to the magenta range.

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Image: Marie Claire

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Image: Idolator

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Image: Red Book Mag

Magenta is a wonderful color in that it actually flatters a lot of skin colors and shades, right from very pale skin to the darkest skin tone, there is a shade or range of shades that will enhance and give an eye catching style. The color can also be mixed with blue or purple for added effect and this will also add more depth to your style. Magenta can be uses as light or as dark as you prefer. It is also accentuated by streaking it with bright yellow.

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Image: Instagram

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Image: VP Fashion

While bob cuts are always fun to wear, when you want to grow them out it seems to take ages! The best way to work with growing out this style is to color it and the magenta range will work perfctly here. Either a solid color or layers of shades will work well to keep a cute looking style and relieve the boredom of growing out the bob.

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Image: Nouw

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Image: OMG Voice

Some points to consider – having chosen you new red shade and style – are that red takes quite a bit of upkeep to maintain that ‘just done’ look and the fresh color appeal. You will notice that red of any shade will begin to fade after about three weeks so you should be prepared to have your color re aplied. This is because the dye molecules in the color red are larger than most and do not penetrate the hair as deeply.

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Image: Vida London

Having had your hair colored you should not wash it for at least 48 hours. Even after that time you should not wash your hair more than once a week. Towel dry your hair instead of using heat on it. Any dry shampoo can be used if your hair gets oily between washes. If you pay attention to taking care of this new color it will enhance a cute hairstyle for many weeks.

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