20 Short and Wavy Updo Hairstyles


If you’ve got wavy hair, you are lucky! No, we’re serious. Wavy hair means that you don’t have to dry it every day, and that you hair will look amazing after only a few days without washing. Wavy hair is effortless, and you should be happy to have it. Happy!
Wait, so you’re not bubbly over your wavy locks? Ok, let us cheer you up and re-commit you to the wonders of the wave with these beautiful hairstyles.

Image:Short Haircut Strendy

This is a hairstyle for the sweet songstress in all of us women. Edith Piaf had a tragic life, but she lived to the fullest and found ways to make things work. Using her as a muse, Marion Cotillard cut her wavy hair into this short and gorgeous style. It has volume and play built in, but you need to channel the old-school beauty of Piaf in order to fully pull it off.
Ask for a short bob, and then sleep with your hair wet. Fluff it up in the morning to achieve this gorgeous look. Be free!

Image:PoPular Haircuts

Long enough to pin under, but not so long that it needs putting up on a hot day. The layers of this style make it appealing for those with wavy hair and or curls because the volume is still there, but more under control than if the thickness was left alone. Ask your stylist to make layers all over, with shaggy bits all the way up to halfway up the strands. This will allow you to sleep on wet hair and wake up with volume!

Image:The Hair Styler
Image:The Hair Styler

This caramel colored bob is perfect for a woman with things to do. The color is sweet enough to make your teeth rot, but the cut is where a slightly harder edge comes in. The goal should be a look that’s as if your pixie haircut has just grown out. The messier, the more chic!

Image:The Hair Styler
Image:The Hair Styler

This edgy cut has tapered ends that make it look much more natural. The key lies in the heavy-duty bangs, though. With those bangs, anyone could look a bit more mysterious and alluring. The shortness of the haircut is not so much that one could not pin the hair back in a vintage throwback style, with the bangs framing one’s face cutely. You’ll need thicker hair to pull this look off.

Image:The Hair Styler
Image:The Hair Styler

A cross between a bob and a pixie, which we’re calling a “bixie!” This is a look that gives you all the edge of a pixie with a softened, feminine framing. It would look best on someone with delicate features, but with a skilled stylist should be adaptable to almost anyone. We love this one with the honey colored highlights especially, since it warms up the whole look. Perfect if you’re a professional who also needs to have a cool vibe.

Image:The Hair Styler


Image:The Hair Styler

Short hair needs braid love, too. This is a style that would look brilliant for a wedding or prom, but is flexible enough for everyday wear. Start with an angled bob and waves (you can shape these overnight with rollers and brush them out in the morning). Form a Dutch’ braid crossing the hair under itself and secure with a tiny elastic. Now it’s time to pancake! Pull on the sides of the braid to widen and fluff it up, and then hide the end under other layers. Secure with a few pins and voila!

Image:The Hair Styler
Image:The Hair Styler

Now these are fingerwaves for the 21st century! Imagine the coolness of your vintage style when you pair this hairstyle with a fit-and-flare dress or a sweet pair of shades. Although the length takes a dash of boldness, the overall style is low-maintenance and classic. This style suits many different face shapes and hair textures, and can easily be touched up after sleeping on it. Just use a curling iron to smooth and shape the hair back to its structured wave.


Image:The Hair Styler

This is a shaggy look with long layers and bangs. It’s a good way to ease into the blunt bob trend that has Fall 2016 in its sights. The vintage feel of the bangs contrasts with the texture of the waves, making this a truly chic haircut. You should let your stylist know that you want things to look a bit undone, and not to incorporate hard edges. Keep your eyes on the prize, though…this style is easily grown out to make a less-short version. We also saw some of the same haircut with experimental colors for 2016, with purple and red leading the pack.


Image:PoPular Haircuts


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