20 Hot Fairy and Angel Tattoos Design For Women

fairy angel tattoo designs


Some may feel tattoos are a modern day vice. A way to stand out from what others consider to be main stream society. History shows tattoos have been a part of society for thousands of years. They are symbols of our deepest inner thoughts,
beliefs and lives. In ancient times, life was celebrated and revered. Through permanent inking of the skin, tattooing, these convictions were proudly displayed. Angel tattoos  are in honor of our life, love and memories.

Whether its a smaller or full bodied tattoo, the symbolism is  the same. Angels and fairies have long represented goodness and hope along with empathy and compassion. They are a part of the mystical divine. An artistic universal element that is represented in many different ways. The love of nature,beauty and serenity are all a part of the journey to ones inner self.

A tattoo of a fairy or angel is much more than just a tattoo. It is an emblem of an enchanting belief that there is a higher sense of ones own self in the world around us. The style of your fairy or angel represents your own inner inspiration. Below are some creative and vibrant photos that display an artistic vision.

A fairy angel tattoo design on full back of a girl.

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An illustrative image of an elaborate design. An epitome of hope with

detailed scrolled wings and features that are brought to life.

Image: Tattoos Me

Cherub Angel Tattoos

002 Fairy Angel Taatto Design 7 4

A moon fairy sits on a crescent moon, thoughtfully reflecting, This tattoo is a

clever use of blue and purple. The fine details are artistic and charming.

Image: Design a Tattoo

Angel Tattoo

003 angel-tattoo 4

This Angel is renewal.Quietly assessing each part of her life and experiences.

This is a reminder of what once was and the understanding of learning and moving

to what will be.

Image: Get Tattoo Ideas

Holy Angel Tattoo

004 Elegant-Angel-tattoo 4

The angel seen here is strength. She is strong and subtle. This angel represents being comfortable

in yourself . The tattoo is detailed and realistic. The artwork is beautifully shaded and elegant.

Image: Cuded


005 tattoo-ideas-for-women-fairy

This shadow fairy sits atop the moon in a whimsical carefree sense. Friendly and flirty this

artist has captivated a dimensional design. The opposite wing patterns show duality of ones self.

Image: Tattoo Models

The colourful angel tattoo

006 heidi-hay 4

An Angel divine with brilliant coloring she stands for fairness and just causes.

The artist uses symbolism including the sun that is undeniably beautiful.

Image: Style Craze

Angel Tattoo

007 Angel-Tattoos-for-women-101-520x435 4

A realistic sketch that represents wisdom and knowledge. This is an inspired

art work. The Angel is a larger scale and true in detail and design.

Image: Women Tattoo

Angel Tattoo

008 beautiful-angel-tattoos 4

This modern day Angel is open and genuine. She holds a sincere expression with detailed artistry.

Expert shading brings a realistic view of characteristics and features.

Image: Yo Tattoo

Ideas For You

009 Angel-tattoo-idea-34 4

This Angel is serene and quiet in her thoughts. In memory and

thoughtful purpose, she is elegant and artistically ingenious.

Image: Tattoo Paradise


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Et Lux in Tenebris Lucet.  The light shines in the darkness. A detailed and

in depth meaning for an angel tattoo.The blind fold is symbolic .

Image: Inked Mag

Beautiful tattoos for ladies

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Serene and soft,this angel is calm and reflective of memories. Specific shadowing

and intricate details are high in quality and shading.

Image: Loook Amazing Places

Guardian Angel Tattoos

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This angel is hopeful while praying peacefully. A great coloring is paired with darker edging.

Image: Tattooesque

Feminine Fairy Tattoos

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A Water Fairy sits alertly as she appears to be concentrating on

testing new waters. A free and frolicking spirit is intricately designed.

Image: Womens Ink

Fairy Tattoos

014 fairy-tattoo-11 4

A magical fairy seems to be swirling smoke or wind with her finger tips.

She looks enigmatic and confident while sitting comfortably on a branch.

Image: Celebrity Tattoo Site

Awesome Tattoo Designs

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This angel is the subject who has given herself wings. The swirled wings are

delicate yet strong. The wings are placed at the shoulder blades and cascade down her back.

Image: Her Interest

Stars and Fallen Angel Tattoo

016 eb190002e6893fda2e5f2c8f52198057 4

In touch with nature, this angel accepts the good with the bad.

Realizing balance is all around us and the wisdom to know what to accept.

Image: Tattoos Hunt

Angel Tattoo

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Dramatic and strong, this angel is a force to be reckoned with.

She holds ties to her spirit and denotes freedom of life.

Image: Jukvox

27 Adorable Angel Tattoo Ideas for Women

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This quaint and innocent angel is just growing into her wings.  This is a reminder of a

humble mind and a youthful spirit. The light shading is delightful and kind.

Image: Sortrature

30 Cool Fairy Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women

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Powerful and dreamy this fairy is the epitome of grace and strength. She beckons

one to follow their path while justifying the wrongs we encounter.

Image: Food Recipee

Angel Tattoo

020 tribal 4

An angel in flight, a call to action. This angel is spirited and lives life on the move.

Fulfilling her destiny and helping all in her path. Bold lines are descriptive and independent.

Image: Creative Fan

Life and love are full of twists and paths that we all can see .We hear of guardian angels and magical

fairy lures. These tales of wisdom and words are a part of our culture. Just like the days of when mystical

met mythology, the creation of cultural concepts and beliefs came to be. There was a strong desire to be true to

ones convictions and sense of self. Tattooing has been cultivated through time as a fine art and has long been

connected together. The artists have evolved the tattooing process into an intricate art form.

Bold lines and subtle wisps take shape. Elaborate shading takes shape creating depth into the artists vision.

The angel and fairy are viewed as reminders and protectors of the world. They represent different aspects

of past life and present while holding inspirations for the future. Many take these inspirations and use them

artistically creating a tattoo that they can wear as a daily reminder of their conviction. The tattoos range from

black shading to brightly colored depictions. Bold imagery or subtle outlining are your choice. A tattoo is personal

and an imprint of your inner dream.

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