Fashionable Tweed Coats



Fashionable Tweed Coats

A few years back, wearing tweed would have sounded like you walked into your grandfather’s closet and came out with an outfit. However, tweeds are making a serious comeback and are some of the most fashionable outfits in the markets today.



What is tweed and where is its origin?

Tweed, by definition, is a rough and woollen fabric of flexible texture and it is usually woven by plain weave. The fabric may be of different colours and this is achieved by mixing wool and dye before the wool is spun into fabric.


Tweed originated in 18th century and it is a traditional Scotland wear. This fabric was mainly worn by the farmers as it was most suitable for the cold winter conditions and durable enough for the harsh farm conditions. To date, it is still an appropriate wear for all cold and chilly weather conditions.



Just like many other types of fabric, tweed comes in a number of variations. First of all; there is the popular Harris and Donegal variation which are crafted and designed following a particular set of features that enable them to be stylish and more appropriate for modern day wearing.


There is also the herringbone tweed which is distinctive by its V-shaped pattern. The v-shaped patterns are also very versatile and can match with almost everything. This pattern is also rich in visual texture and would match well with casual wear.


Finally there are the overcheck and houndstooth tweeds. The houndstooth tweed is mainly characterized by the bold and broken check design. The overcheck tweed on the other hand, is characterized by large windowpane checks. Both these types of tweeds stand out and are more of statement making fabrics, highlighting the heritage of tweeds which have been worn for centuries.



How to wear fashionable tweed coats

Tweed coats are back to their former glory and are as stylish as ever. However, one major secret to wearing tweeds is to go easy on them. Of course nowadays there are even tweed top shoes among other tweed fabrics. However, trying to look stylish by wearing tweed from top to bottom is simply a NO! Not unless you are going hunting in the Arctic Circle. Nonetheless tweeds come out stylish and classy when worn with other kinds of fabrics. Put on a tweed coat with a pair jeans and a simple t-shirt and you will get the desired results. Alternatively, you can have official wear plus a tweed coat. All these will match out and you will stand out as the fine gentleman that you are.




Initially tweed fabrics were meant for cool weather. Therefore, one rule of thumb on wearing tweed coats even in modern day is to ensure that you wear it on cool weather. Stepping out in summer with a tweed coat is simply outrageous! Where a sports jacket or even a casual suit is appropriate would also be fine for tweed coats. One other very important thing to keep in mind is that tweeds require break-in-time. There is a legend that goes that people used to through their tweed coats on the walls so as to soften them. Whether this is true or not, tweed coats need some time in order to be comfortable and soft on your body.


Traditional tweed coats were rough with classic patterns. Currently it is still possible to find such kinds of tweeds and you can order such from companies like Dashing tweeds who have specialized in making classic tweeds. On the other hand, there are the modern kind of tweeds which are softer and lightly woven. Such kinds of tweeds can be ordered from companies such as Breanish tweeds.


Outwear and in the office

One way to easily incorporate tweed coat into your outfit is to take it to your tailored outwear. Forget about the traditional and classic brown tweed but take a grey or blue herringbone tweed overcoat and match it with any of your outdoor outfit. Also remember not to mix the colours too much. A pair of black jeans and boots will work well with a grey tweed overcoat. This will work perfectly well and you will simply make a statement and stand out!


Wearing tweed at the office is more challenging. Putting on a formal and classic tweed suit will make you look old school and out of touch. Instead, you should opt for more refined and weave grey tweed coat that you can match with a white shirt, grey pants and may be dark blue tie. This will enable you strike the right balance of not only being stylish but also appropriate for business.







Tweed coats look absolutely fabulous when worn with the right kind of outfit. You should therefore try a different set of outfits with tweed coats to find out what works best for you.

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