20 Fishtail Braid Hairstyles that will Make You Look Cuter

Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

Fishtail braid gets its name due to its resemblance to that of a fish tail. That would be in the terms of a layman. Very few know that it was known as “Grecian braid” in the 1800s. It is a braid that feels like a French braid but uses only two equally divided parts of the hair. The procedure involves passing of both parts over each other alternately. And, this is how a braid is formed.

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Popularity of braids has suddenly escalated in today’s world. The main reason behind it is the variety that has suddenly risen for women of all ages to try out. While some require less efforts to braid, other braiding styles are more complex to do. The fishtail braid might feel complex to look at but is not that hard compared to other braids. All it requires is symmetry while braiding the hair with a smooth hair texture for ease.

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Fishtail braids earned their popularity among girls thanks to its elegant appearance, fashionable sense and low maintenance. You also require long hair for getting a better braiding which is common in all types of braids. While you can find lots of sources that will guide you on how to do it, very limited sources inform you about how to accomplish one with your hair. How to maintain them and other questions have mostly been left unanswered or provide with unexplained reasons. So, the following tips will help you save the time and effort needed to do a fishtail braid perfectly.

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Smoothened hair will face less problem when braiding:

The first and foremost move that anyone about to braid does is brush their hair. Fishtail braid also requires brushing and combing hair. This will help smoothen the hair. It doesn’t matter what type of braid you are about to form, smooth hair always help. If your hair are too frizzy to be smoothened properly, then you can try hair serums to soften them. If necessary, straighten your hair with a straightener. Fishtail braiding does not require clean hair. This reduces the smooth texture of hair which will only make the braiding process harder. Try not to wash your hair for two days or more before braiding.

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Do not confuse it with a French Braid:

French braid and fishtail braid do resemble to some extent. In addition many just think that the difference is all in the separation number. But, there is a major difference which is the very key to creating the two. While French braid starts from the head’s crown, fishtail braid is initiated from the nape. Moreover, Fishtails are not necessarily needed to be start from the center. You can have one starting from the side. While both have varying techniques, they can be combined in one hairstyle as well. It is all about creativity.

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Spray water on the hair before starting:

While it is better to practice fishtail braiding without spraying water, it helps more if you are a beginner. In some situations, your hair might require washing instead of just spritzing. So, be prepared for that as well.

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Practice separating hair properly:

Dividing hair in two separate and equal portions will also need practice. This will help provide even distribution once the braiding is complete. It will bring out its look to the fullest.

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How to do one?

Once you are familiar with the tips provided above, it is time to braid. For this, you should follow the procedure below.

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After separating the two hair sections, grab a strand from the right or left part and converge it. Now, pull it upwards and then across the chosen side. Keep moving it towards the opposite side of what you chose and tuck it under that portion. After that, you need to tug the two sections tightly using that strand. Now, choose a strand from the opposite side and repeat the step – except this time, you will pull it under the portion rather pulling it up. This will start forming a fishtail braid. Keep repeating these steps alternately to form your creation. While doing this, keep it tight and accurate to ensure that it gets evenly distributed.

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It does seem a little hard to understand unless you do it on your own. So, practice it and you will surely master the art of fishtail style braiding. But, do not keep following the traditional look. Keep up your creativity by experimenting new techniques to braid. Make just one, or even many braids if you have learnt how to do one. That will surely add beauty to your hairstyle as you will have a more unique look compared to the ones you see on others. Fishtail style braids are trending, so what are you waiting for? Try to learn one today and have fun with your hair!

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