20 Free Spirited Bird Tattoos Designs

Spirited Bird Tattoos Designs

If you take a deep breath and picture in your mind valleys of lush green topped mountains and the distant trickling of a light rivers that run gently through strong ancient lands. The wisdom from this mystical world holds deep symbolism. The art of tattooing runs as deep as the the enchanted valley of an era past. There are many representative symbols that are used as a lasting soulful reminder of our true inner depths and inspirations. It is to no surprise that Bird Tattoos are are at the top of the list. Birds are an icon for many meaningful interpretations. Bird tattoos offer a free spirit, a gentle guide to strength and peace. Birds are known messengers bringing hope, omens and cues to the future.

When we see a bird tattoo we cant help but think of the beauty of the image as well as the deeper meaning the bird carries. Birds in flight are serene and powerful. Resting birds peacefully sing the tale of their adventure. The style of your tattoo is representative of your own thoughtful path and the impression of your dreams for the future. Black and white or lavish coloring will both suit your inspirations. We have images below that will sing to your senses like a song bird. Artful techniques are fine tuned with detailed notes. You will find each tattoo is significant in their intricacy and style. They are a reminder of the integrity we hold dear and near to our everyday life and the value we strive to integrate.

Bird Tattoo Designs

001 36-bird-tattoo 5

Image: Flickr

The artist uses a black outlined image of joy and serenity. The bird sits atop leaved branches and a natural setting while she sings her tale to every one she meets.

Tattoo Ideas

002 bcfec863fd0409dbdbf627cf105632a4

Image: Tattoo SEO

A delicate bird takes flight with a pretty patterned design. The bird appears to be dainty however if you look a little closer you will see open eyes . This bird is not only flying…. shes soaring.

Cute Hummingbird

003 cute-hummingbird 5

Image: Check Out My Ink

You can almost hear light fluttering music while looking at this hummingbird. The symbolic cycle of life is colorful with a spring green and summer pink.

Bird Tattoo

004 David-Hale-twoswallows

Image: David Hale

Dual bird tattoos are black and white and well stated. A vintage look shows each bird as similar yet unique in their own endeavors and personalities. A feathery lace like pattern swirls around them in a lovely design.

Zentangled Humming bird

005 d54b8cd047d70c8dedfecdd3ff7bb772 5

Image: Tattoo Models

This enriched hummingbird is flying high above the clouds in a knowing dignity. The birds markings have an air of royalty and a majestic feel that denotes respect.

Lovely Swallow Tattoos

006 8a2a1625e9f53f8920211e2c1014e195 5

Image: Cuded

Dramatic and strong is a commanding styled bird tattoo. This bird has broken free from the world and is triumphant while displaying graceful strength.

Bird Tattoo Designs

007 bird-tattoo-designs-1 5

Image: Tattoo Easily

A free spirit to float through the air with whichever direction the wind blows. The pretty blue flowers seem to trail with their friend always lighting a guiding path home.

Bird Tattoo

008 12-bird-tattoo 5

Image: Tattoo Do

Inner beauty weaves together with strength and grace. Brilliant coloring and surrounding designs are sensational and symbolic of life.

With Brave Wings She Flies Bird Tattoo

009 with-brave-wings-she-flies-bird-tattoo-meanings 5

Image: Lolobu

This tattoo is an inspiration that makes your heart feel warm and soul refreshed. The epitome of strength and class is a bird in flight leaving behind her all that is needed to be left and these words : ” With brave wings she flies”

Back Bird Tattoo with Tree and Quotes

010 back-bird-tattoo-with-tree 5

Image: Piercing Models

An enigmatic tree sends out birds to the sky with a gracious poetic style. The beautiful imagery is illustrative and stunning. There is a deeper meaning within this design that is absolute.

Blue Bird Tattoo

011 Blue-Bird-Tattoo 5

Image: Tutorial Chip

Fresh and fanciful this shade of blue is refreshing. Serenity and freedom are artistically depicted in the detailed branches and trendy design.

Amazing Two Large Bird Tattoos

012 07255f294d89bae1497dcf206b35458cc 5

Image: Love Bird Tattoos

These birds appear natural and in a dream like surrounding. The symbolic extravagance is is insightful and beautifully brought to life.

Blue Eagle Tattoo

013 Blue-Eagle-Tattoo 5

Image: Tattoo Shortlist

Powerful and breath taking is a blue eagle in flight. A sterling blue is . The eagle proudly waves a blue ribbon through the air in in a deep significance.

Bird Tattoos for Women

014 Couple-Birds-Tattoos-For-Women-on-Back 5

Image: Inspiration Seek

This is a delightful pair that flits atop cherry blossom branches. The rich coloring is realistic and peaceful. There is a keen understanding in what appears to be a thoughtful conversation.


015 0366a9de4e391a29d46f15b9cff8a402 5

Image: Tattoos Collections

The Phoenix has long been a symbol of  rising above any odds and the brave renewal of inner spirit and strength. The duo appears as if they  are doing a waltz to lifes tune.

Bird Tattoo

016 72fc630ed9edfdc469dc6fb097e664f6 5

Image: Hinhxamdoc

A poetic picture of inner thoughts and sincerity. The dark and telling branches hold solidarity in an independent silence that speaks from the very soul.

Wonderful Phoenix

017 40e1562ccbb0e645e42e0cb4fd2097d8 5

Image: Slodive

An extravagant Phoenix is in mid flight, overcoming any obstacles and soaring high above them. The embellished coloring and detail are intricate and commanding of it own accord.

Hot Bird Tattoo

018 8e01f9bba760314c7b1ff43e6235bf9c 5

Image: Tattoos Hunter

You can almost hear a gentle fluttering of wings in this lavish natural setting. Delicate blossoms and a light and fresh approach is a lively and lovely work of art.

Wonderful Mandala Tattoo

019 b5065ce764799f23e1e79a032a77f5bd 5

Image: Spiritus Tattoo

A representation of depth and spiritual imprints. The design is illustrative of divinity and respectful of the ritualistic patterns of a karmic universe.

Charming Dove Tattoo

020 d5b46bb1bad18daf7849907799216974 5

Image: Fabulous Design

An elite cascading pattern of multiple aspects of inner inspirations and witty images. The black shadowing technique offers a realistic and artistic design.


When choosing a tattoo you are opting for more than a mere image. You are looking into your very own inner thoughts and depicting what you stand for in your life. When you see a bird tattoo look closer. you will find a hidden meaning, a thoughtful statement of aspirations and inspirations that are beholden to ones own spirited eye. We have seen sleek black lines and colored sincerity that illustrates the artists design and vision. The different styles seem to appear as walking poetry. The depth of patterns offer delectable designs that are spiritual and soulful. From the artistic stroke of  silky petals and defined fluttering wings are undeniably smart and stylish.

The beauty of our life is all we have experienced, the triumphs and the learned paths that are set before us. Birds of design are free and brave with subtle strength that seems to flit and flutter. A lasting impression and representation of your ideals are directly displayed and artistically styled in each vision that is brought to life. Inner dreams of your past and future are as intricate as the tattoo you inscribe. Rich colors and shaded appeals are spirited and elegant in their portrayal of a perfect portrait. Design,create and dream your next bird tattoo. Whether you are seeking a spirited design or a distinct message you will portray your own song.

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