20 Gorgeous Makeup For Green Eyes

green eye makeup

They say the eyes are the window to your soul. The mood ring of beauty. So how do you enhance your iconic feature? Whether your eyes are Green,Blue,Brown or Hazel, don’t leave your luck to the Irish. Bring the magical look to life with  Green eye makeup. Enhancing your eyes with Green hues can be as dramatic or fresh and natural as you decide. A Green color is bold yet neutral and suits any eye shape or color. Dressing for a formal occasion or a casual time calls for attention to the details. There are many looks and fashionable ways to embellish and accentuate your makeup style.

Through the eras we have seen makeup artistry grow into a revolutionizing art form. A sultry night look has dawned a new day and a natural appeal has made its way into the night. Bringing a creative approach to your day will make you feel like your ready for the big screen, taking center stage at work or even the grocery store. Enhancing your natural beauty has long been a glamorous ritual dating back thousands of years. What started off as markings for intent of standing placement evolved into status which in turn has become a passing right into individuality of our every day life in the world around us.

Gorgeous Makeup Ideas

001 makeup-ideas-for-green-eyes-13 6

Image: Live Internet

To achieve this natural yet stated look you will want to line both rims a third of the way. A solid green is swept across the lower lid and rounded to the inner corner. A highlight of green touches the lower rim of the eye and topped off with a winged effect.


Rock gold eyeshadow like your favorite celebrities!

002 rih4 6

Accentuate your green eyes with a bronze shadow across the entire lid and dusted underneath. Charcoal black liquid liner frames the eye and fans out slightly at the outer corner. Black mascara adds the right amount of dramatic effect.

Image: Beauty Gala

No Silver

003 tlve8gbt 6

Image: All Womens Talk

This sultry look is expressive with a deep gray shadow that is accentuated by black liner. The shadow is brought out towards the brow bone creating a setting for lavish lashes.

Purple eyeshadow makeup for green eyes

004 3.2 6

Image: Tiny Touchups

A barely there style is elegant for any occasion. Light shadowing is blended and lined on the upper lid. A fine line on the lower rim accentuates the eye shape and brings out the green coloring for a soft look.

Hayden Panettiere Makeup for Green Eyes: Sexy and sooty

005 Best-celebrity-makeup-looks-for-green-eyes_08 6

Image: Her Interest

A touch of smudging with dark liner creates a lovely evening look. A pale shadow is placed on the upper lid to highlight the eye offering a sleek and effective makeup style.

Makeup For Fair Skin

006 12428058_f520 6

Image: Bellatory

Using three shades blends naturally with a high impacting liner that surrounds the eye flawlessly. Gentle eyelashes are elegant and stated for a great look.

Green Smokey Eye Make up For Green Eyes

007 4227194892_d096ec0859_b 6

Image: Flickr

This look is enchanted with a bronze under shading adding shimmer to the two toned green shadow. Framed in a dark thin liner it harmonizes the coloring allowing for depth.

Gorgeous Green Smokey Eye Makeup Idea

008 25-Best-Green-Smokey-Eye-Make-Up-Ideas-Looks-Pictures-24 6

Image: Sierra Chantal

Dramatic winged green shadow is accompanied by dual tones on the lid and swept out meeting the corner of the eyebrow. A lighter application of a dark liner creates a sure runway style.

Golden Green Smokey Eyes

009 25-Best-Green-Smokey-Eye-Make-Up-Ideas-Looks-Pictures-25 6

Image: Girls Hue

Green and gold is toned for a smoky look. Thick lining and delicate lashes are all this style needs to stand out. The shadow is swept in an arched pattern meeting the end of the eye of which is effective and bold.

Blue Eye Liner Makeup for Green Eyes

010 Blue-Eye-Liner-Makeup-for-Green-Eyes 6

Image: Style Caster

A sea foam turquoise color is solidly designed around the eye and pivoting dramatically at the inner corner. A cat tail is perfectly paired with thick dark lashes that finish off this flirty appeal.


011 file_6352_makeup-tips-green-eyes-XL-375x510 6

Image: Beauty Riot

A sincere and edgy liner is thick on the top lash line and blended under the lower rim. A neutral shade is used as a high lighter that makes the eye look bright and purposed.

Studio Work by Julia Kuzmenko McKim

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Image: Julia Kuzmenko

A mystical green is eye catching and beautifully swept along the eye. Shading is hinted at the outside of the eye and consistently entrances around to the center of the lower lash line. Detailed mascara widens the eye and completes the timeless style.


013 70s-make-up-17 6

Image: Clio Makeup

Trendy meets classic with a bold lush lid dawned in green. Eyeliner is blended along the top to offer a dual tone. The lower lashes are kept to a minimum which escalates the look into Hollywood magic.

2 Ingredient Deep Pore Cleansing Mask Recipe

014 93c18c307d030bfa437ee40c44775127 6

Image: Primally Inspired

A smoky eye for day or night has intricate blending of tones. Liner frames the articulation of the style. An emphasis is placed on the upper lashes accentuating a scintillating look.

My Skin’s Friend

015 a35f9c1f8acccd9b40a7feb93aedb7b4 6

Image: My Skin’s Friend

Purple shadow complements green eyes especially when shaded perfectly. Using a darker shade in the outer crease lends a blended frame for a solid cat tail. A lighter shimmer on the inner eye creates a poetic and seamless look.

Plum Makeup

016 32275fc03ad5d3d9251336316c854c5b 6

Image: Re Salon and Med Spa

Liquid liner is balanced with a light to dark purple scheme. The winged edging is contrasted by a blended lower lash line. White high lighting along the lower lid gives a chic look and style.

Makeup Geek

017 DSC02876 6

Image: Makeup Geek

Metallic shadow on the top is intentional with a dark lined lower rim. A touch of shimmer is dusted around the bottom of the eye to soften the lines and edges. Separated lashes fan across the eye for a genuine appeal.

Striking Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

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Image: Sortrature

Dramatic Ebony black liner is thickly applied to create a glamorous style. Curled lashes are lavishly touched with a bold black mascara. Dark gray and black shadows are blended at the corner for a classic eye design.

Green Eye Makeup

Green Eye Makeup 22

Image: Fashion Adroable

Fresh and subtle this natural look is shadowed in the crease and neutrally blended. A deeper line on the top opens the eye to an intricate lower lash line. Finely applied mascara creates a bright eyed look.

Easy Makeup Ideas

020 Smoky-green-eye-make-up 6

Image: Mirror

Smudged green on the bottom and a sheen shadow on the top is festive. Lightly accentuated lashes offer a friendly tone to this edgier style. Clever use of lining is the final touch for this look.


When it comes to eye makeup there are endless looks and timeless possibilities. The art of application is intricate blending and shading. The different appeals are shaded in various ways to create depth and shape. You are able to change your look to suit your mood and switch your style to fit any occasion. Using a winged effect dramatizes the appeal and lighter applied liner softens the eye. Tried and true techniques will bring you from a smoky and sultry eye to a natural shimmer. Lengthening your lashes and using just the right amount of mascara is the same as framing a splendid work of art.

Green is a mystical color with varied hues and shades. A lush emerald or a spirited teal compliments any eye color. Makeup has the ability to create its own eclipse. Daytime meets night in an effervescent style that truly portrays your dreams and aspiring whims. Whether you feel enchanting or sophisticated, your eye makeup style is your own fashionable statement. When you master your artistic technique it will take you a matter of minutes to enhance your look with shading and a blend of beauty and style. Have fun experimenting with different look and be inspired.


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