20 Beautiful Hairstyles for Brunettes

Hairstyles for Brunettes

The age old adage that gentlemen prefer blondes does not ring true with brunettes. At least not with some of these absolutely stunning hairstyles for the brunette lady.

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Brown hair shades range from light brown to chocolate brown and anything in between. There are a huge amount of color variations in this range! Colors from deep ebony to warm mocha these lovely shades lend themselves to a huge variety of hairstyles and if you have naturel brown color hair then you should take advantage of these styles. Brown hair looks great cut short, up in a ponytail, or even worn long and loose.

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Up dos are designed to make you stand out in a crowd. It takes a really bold, self assured woman to wear this style as you will be the center of attention. Easy to do at home, this style requires a ponytail which is then would up on the top of the head and loosely secured. You should not be too fussy with this do and the few loose ends stop the style from being too severe.

Create a head of wavy brown hair easily by using your curling tongs and lightly twisting thin strands to give extra body and a whole head of curls.

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Image: Jonathan and George Blog

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A long wavy style can be created by keeping the hair straight to the shoulders and then waving it from there down to the ends. If your hair is slightly thin then you might consider hair extensions. Extensions look great with brown hair, they blend in really well and look almost natural so you can go a lot longer than your friends!

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Short bobbed styles look great with a solid brunette color. This is an easy fix when growing out a bob. Ask for a fringe to be cut and keep the blunt ends. Regular trims will keep your hair in good condition.

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Image: Bob Hairstyle

A half up style is a truly glamorous way to style brown hair. Easy to do at home yourself, you need to pull the top sections up and secure them up around the back of your head. Try not to be too fussy with any loose strands as this adds to the overall attraction of the style.

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If you have dead straight brown hair you can very easily make a side swept style. Best done with a good solid color it is easy to have a side part and then brush the hair over to the other side. Some fixing spray may be used to hold it in place, but the style is very chic and glamorous.

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Image: Get The Gloss

Bangs suit a head of dark brown hair very well. You could choose either a straight line for them or a wispy style. Not too long otherwise you will be tempted to chop bits off!

Highlights go very well with brown hair, they bring out the color very well. Shades range from golden to reds and can be streaked of just done in layers on top. Whichever you choose, be sure that they match your own complexion and eyes.

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Image: Short Hairstyles

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An interesting style is created by cutting wispy bangs, keeping the rest of the hair straight and then using tongs, rolling the rest up into a myriad of curls that cascade down onto your shoulders. This works for fine hair also.

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Image: Maguster 1972

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The classic cut for long brunettes is one which works for sleek, smooth hair. It is a beautifully simple cut which leave the ends slightly layered to give some interest.

Ringlets are a style which has been around for many years and is still popular and often worn. It never seems to loose it’s attraction. The style is easy to do at home. No need to resort to the of way of tying wet hair in rag strips any more! By applying a good quality gel and using your curling tongs you can achieve these amazing locks yourself!

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Short messy pixie bob styles go well with brown hair. The hair is very well layered and kept irregular to give it the swept away look. It is very attractive in younger girls and an easy hair style to create with shorter hair. Also looks good with some light highlights added and some gel to give extra volume to fine hair.

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Shaved sides with a pixie top are not for everyone but the people who wear this style, wear it well! Shaved so that the ears are in full view and then kept longer in an upward sweep to form peaks on top of the head, this style does well with added highlights and of course, attractive earrings!

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There are so many things that a brunette can do with her hair, whether it is long or short. Be sure to check out various styles before you make a decision on cutting your hair as it takes time to grow out again. Also, if you add colors to your hair make sure they match your skin and eyes and serve to accentuate these features.

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