20 Cool and Trendy Hairstyles for Men

Hairstyles for Men

Men’s hairstyles are beginning to gain in more options as the years go by. Gone are the days when a sleeked back classic hair connect or a quick scissor cut would have been enough. In recent times there’s been a trend of edgier, funkier, adventurous hair styles and below is a brief run through of some of the most popular ones.


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The Classic Cut – This is a timeless cut that starts out with a scissor over comb technique featuring a disconnected, horse shoe shaped top. At the back, everything below the occipital bone is cut off by means of the fine side of a barber comb and a pair of scissors. The hair on both sides of the face is then cut off as well using a traditional barber comb as a guide.


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In the front, the length of the hair is extended outwards from the top in a progression of short to long; the result is a clean tailored look.


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Crew Cut – The crew cut is usually achieved by means of a #0 or #1 clipper setting, cutting from the neckline, up towards the ears. The hair is then faded above the ears and towards the crown, creating a seamless gradient with the hair on top never exceeding 1 inch.

For a more textured looked, style with a hair styling wax.


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The Medium Length Scissor Cut – With this look, volume is added to the top of the hair by the creation of waves from the long hair on top. It is then softly groomed backwards, ensuring the hair somewhat stays off the face a little bit.


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The Pomp and Fade – This is a combination of the pompadour and the skin fade. This hairstyle starts out as a bald fade and slowly graduates to a pompadour, with the hair on the temples faded out as well. This structured look helps to elongate the face.


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The Tapered Side Fringe – This style is achieved by keeping the back and sides really short, no more than 1 inch long; as you graduate towards the front, the hair should be allowed to sit out at about 3-6 inches but whatever the case it should be long enough to cover the forehead. For best results, hold the fringe in place with a styling mouse or hair gel.

This is the perfect hairstyle for men with round faces and one celebrity who has rocked this look in the past is Leonardo Decaprio.


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The Skin Fade Cut – This style screams clean and sharp. It starts out by leaving zero hair at the base of the neck and as it approaches the top, it begins to grow out a bit; so when looking at it from the front to the back it gives you an illusion of fading. The hairstyle is characterized by sharp hair lines at the front, the back and into the side burns of the wearer.

It’s also a great hairstyle for those with rounded or chubby faces.


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The Messy Side Trim – For this look, think Johnny Depp meets Robert Pattison; it gives a sexy but structured I-just-got-out-of-bed appeal. The hair features a thick messy top and middle between 3-5 inches long and trimmed down sides. It’s a great pick for men with natural wavy hair.


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Center-Parted Long Hair – This is a very simple hair style. Here the hair is allowed to grow out usually past shoulder length in long wavy locks. To add volume, run a blow dryer through the locks and then part at the middle. It can be won in a pony tail or let loose to fall softly at the back.

A model walks the runway during the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show as part of Milan Fashion Week Menswear Spring/Summer 2012 on June 18, 2011 in Milan, Italy

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Sleek Back – This hairstyle is best achieved if the wearer has got straight hair because curls have an annoying tendency of easing away from a hold. To achieve this style, the sides of the hair as well as the back needs to be tampered with a graduation towards a slightly fuller top. The hair is subsequently blow dried backwards, with a water-based pomade and a fine barber’s comb. For more styling options, you can throw in a side part. This cut is suitable for all face shapes.


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The Pompadour – if you have got great thick hair then this style should work for you. Usually, the hair in front is grown out by at least 3 inches so it can support itself when being styled.


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With the help of a blow dryer and a styling mouse the hair is then piled up high at the front. Depending on the shape of your face, you can have this styled directly outwards, inwards or towards the sides of your face.


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Highlighted Dreads Mohawk – This is a funky but modern hairstyle for most men of colour. The foundation of this hairstyle are the dreads which are bleached towards the tip of the hair. What’s also great about this hair style is that the sides can be styled whichever way you want. One can start out with tapered hair towards the base of the neck or include intricately designed patterns on the sides.

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