20 Everlasting Beautiful Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Turning 50 does not mean that you have to accept wearing bad clothes or having a bad hair style! Fifty is where it all begins! You should embrace the new you and stride forward in confidence that you look your very best!

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There are absolutely no rules when it comes to hairstyles for a woman over 50! There are also no rules to say that you must go grey after a certain age! Long, short, curled or spiky – you really are free to choose a style that you like and one that suits you!

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All faces can wear a long bob and it works with all hair textures as well so is a great cut to bear in mind. If you have curly hair you would need to have it straightened before cutting it this style.

The pixie style as worn by Dame Judi Dench is a very boyish cut that lends itself to a platinum color. This style is possibly the lowest maintenance style of all, you pretty much wash it, dry it in a very wishy washy way and you are ready to go. This style actually suits people from the 20’s all the way up to ladies in their 80’s. You will need to have this style trimmed regularly as it will grow fast and lose the appeal of the style. To keep it looking modern you should add a little bit of wax to give it more separation.

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The classic layered style works very well using tons of layers and then side sweeping the bangs which are first blow dried backwards to give extra volume and movement.

Shoulder length hair is extremely flattering no matter what age you are. The extra body in the style is done by adding layers. If you have fine hair you will need to scrunch it and perhaps add mousse to get this look.

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The pixie look is still one of the greatest styles no matter if you decide to color it or let it grow grey naturally. This is an easy style to manage and maintain, but will need regular trimming to keep it neat.

Medium layered haircuts are always going to be in fashion especially when they have highlights in them using warming colors. These will work well with skin types to enhance the face.

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A sassy short style is perfect for older women with oval shaped faces. Very short at the back and up the sides and left a little longer on the top with irregular bangs always make in impact. It is an easy to manage style and can be achieved by a simple blow dry with the fingers instead of a comb.

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Bold and spiky will never go out of fashion, it seems and this style is easily worn by any lady over 50. When colored or tinted it takes on a whole new look. Styling is sometimes done with wax or gel to make peaks which can be pulled forward or back, whichever you prefer.

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Wavy hair of shoulder length is improved by the addition of a little color and a lot of volume in the way of loose curls. This style is easily done using a curling iron on good healthy hair and making loose twists which will hang down to shoulder length.

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Long hair – if it is on good condition – can be tied up in a ponytail and then curled so that it cascaded in a wave of curls down the back and over one shoulder. This would also work it the hair had highlights in it.

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Very sleek conditioned long hair will look attractive if there is a side path and then it is swept over to the opposite side and a gel is used to keep it in place. It is important that the ends are in good condition here as this is where the eyes will be drawn first.

Centre paths with hair either side of the face look attractive with added volume and loose wavy strands. Do this by taking small sections at a time with a curling iron and using a mousse afterwards.

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Bun Updos are a different way to place the bun which is actually at the back of the neck neatly fastened. This style will show off a flawless neckline and ears so you should pay attention to your earrings and make up s your face will be the focal point here.

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There are no correct or incorrect styles for women who are over 50, just as there is no rule about coloring or going grey. You should do what makes you feel your very best. Take advice from your stylist on colors that match your skin and eyes and styles which suit your face shape. There are really no reasons not to have lovely hair as you turn 50. You should be sure to have it trimmed regularly and keep it in good condition to ensure you get the most out of your hairstyle, no matter which one you choose.

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