20 Hot Stacked Bob Hairstyles For Short Hair

stacked bob hairstyles

Have you ever get exhausted of carrying shoulder length long hair? Are you fed up of being too much classy for so long? Or there is no change in your hairstyle for decades? Are you a new mum and really sick of your little one pulling your long hair , and also tired of those messy buns all day long and there is no flashy and hot look for your partner to see.

There is only one answer to all those questions, go for a change in your life ,and to do that ,start with your hair .Go for a very beautiful and chick styled bob stacked haircut. When we listen to the word Bob’ some very old school hairstyle we used to watch in Hollywood movies pop up in our minds ,but its really not like that.

This bob stacked hair do is simply amazing and versatile. It holds all the simplicity , and chick style at a time. The right choice of haircut is something that can entirely change the way you look and your style as well .If you are really looking for a perfect change then bob stacked haircut is best .It basically comes with very short length, medium hair styles. If any one is unfamiliar about this hairstyle or it seems to be something very weird to hear, here is the answer for all those curious minds .Its really not like that, rather it’s very unique and stylish. Verily another beautiful style of stacked bob is medium length bob with dark brown hair, slightly three or waves from the front

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Image: Digi Hairstyles

The style of staked bob is quite similar to A line bob but its not exactly the same, as it is stacked from the back and this part should be cut with perfection .If you go for this hairstyle always prefer a well maintained and reputed saloon or a person who can do justice with the job .

Bob Stacked Hairstyle

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Image: Short Haircut

As the focus of stack bob is back hair which are stacked. In simple words just to make it more easy to understand it’s the style like simple bob , but is cut like layers from the back and angled at the front , here it resembles slightly with the A line bob.

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Image: Bob Hairstyle

If someone have seen anyone walking around with this gorgeous hairstyle, just don’t wonder that you might have one too . Simply make an appointment at your favorite saloon and do it .

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Image: Gvenny

You can make you bob stack hairstyle look more stunning and elegant if you would add some more touch of color to your hair. If you would go for ash blue and grey color with your stacked bob haircut, then undoubtedly you are going to steal the show. Your friends at the party night would be amazed to see how pretty you would be looking to them.

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Image: Styles Weekly

This elegant haircut will suit every face shape and each hair structure for sure .Specially it has the advantage to look flawless with straight hair. If someone have straight hair, must try this hair cut once and you would be in love with yourself forever.

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Image: Pop Haircuts

This would bring more confident and sense of style to anyone as young as 16, or as older as 80. This is something for all in groups of women ages.

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Image: The Cottongin Salon

Not only that, going more profound into styles of this haircut, one can make it look more cheeky.If we look in terms of long hair with this hair cut, the top-notch is the deeply parted flick on one side with heavy layers slightly angled towards the front, with the hair highlighted with honey and caramel colors at the bottom and black in between the roots.This will make you look sexy and perfect to rock your hairstyle .

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Image: Short Hairstyles

This will make you look sexy and perfect to rock your hairstyle .

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There is another look which would definitely be icing on the cake and a “must try “ .If someone have heavy or wavy thick hair, go for choppy stacked bob right from the back to the front with that super sexy A line shaped cut , with some rough under and outer layers.

Image: Kapselsvoorhaar

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Image: Colour Goddess

If you want to add more rock star look, must add some full bangs at the front, also followed by the choppy and irregular cutting style. If you have black hair, what’s more magical than that with this hairstyle, but if you need more sexual appeal through your beautifully flaunting hair , go for dark maroon and burgundy colors for yourself. and same stacked back hair.

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Image: Pretty Designs

If you are not a bangs or fringe lover, go for it. It will leave your boyfriend stunned tonight!

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Image: Hairstyles Worlds

The best combination of thick hair only comes with thick layers and curls with the stacked bob, adding some salt and pepper and some ginger color for head turning yet age proportionate look for you.

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Image: Lovely Hairstyles

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Image: Hairstyles Weekly

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Image: Vernacularlit

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Image: Top Hairstyl

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Image: Latest Bob Hairstyles


Image: Last Trend

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Image: Solomon Haircut

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Image: Fashionisers

The combination of short and medium length stacked bob haircuts is as popular now as it was years, Its and era of fashion and everyone want to look super stylish than other. This hairstyle will boost your confident and will leave you in a world of self confident and style. Give a try to this haircut, This will be a new beginning. Not only that If you are most likely to be a trend setter among your pals and a fan of feathered hair cut with very short hair on the top, you should try you hair cut in crown shaped on the top with half stacked bob style ,adding more color to the style, go for blonde on the top of the crown following with grey layers blended in and dark brown or black at the bottom.

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