How Does a Body Wrap Work

Whether you’re looking to fit back into your favorite pair of “slim” jeans or simply want to detoxify your system, body wraps can help you achieve your goals. These simple, non-invasive wraps use a combination of heat, pressure and all-natural proprietary ingredients to burn fat while flushing away toxins. While everyone is different, most people report a 10-inch or more reduction in their waistline. But just how in the world do these body wraps work? If you are still skeptical, keep reading to learn more about the functions of a body wrap treatment.

Let me first start off by saying that there are dozens of different types of body wraps, some of which are performed at spas, while others are designed for use at home. The exact technique varies depending on the location where you are having the procedure done and the type of wrap. If you intend on having it performed at a local spa, be sure to talk with the aesthetician ahead of time to determine what’s included. Some spas may provide an exfoliation and/or moisturizing treatment before the wrap is applied to your body.

At-home body wraps are generally a better all-around choice. Not only will you end up saving hundreds of dollars in the long run, but you’ll also maintain your privacy. Having a body wrap performed at a local spa will force you to de-robe around the aesthetician, which can certainly create an uncomfortable scenario for even the most outgoing personalities. Thankfully, you can maintain your privacy by performing the procedure yourself in the comfort of your own home. Body wraps are actually incredibly easy to use and should only take you a couple of minutes to apply.

To the naked eye, a body wrap may look like a simple sheet of plastic. What makes it different, however, is the unique combination of all-natural ingredients contained within. Most of the high-end body wraps manufactured today are first soaked in all-natural, detoxifying ingredients to help promote weight loss. These ingredients have been scientifically proven to help promote weight loss and detoxification.

The exact steps towards using a body wrap depends on the specific type of wrap. Generally, you’ll want to first apply some moisturizing lotion on your stomach and back. Thoroughly rub it in so the body wrap will “cling” to your stomach and midsection more easily. When you are finished, apply the body wrap completely around your stomach and back. Make sure the wrap goes all the way around to finish the loop; otherwise, it will have little effect.

Leave the body wrap on for the given amount of time (usually around 20 minutes). You can then peel the wrap off and wash away any excess moisture or lotion. You’ll likely notice an immediate reduction in your waistline after just one procedure, but you may continue performing them for even greater reductions. Just remember to carefully read and follow the instructions to get the most benefit out of your body wraps.

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