How To Prepare Your Skin For a Body Wrap

face creamWhether you are looking to lose weight, smooth out wrinkled skin, or flush out toxins from your system, a body wrap application is the perfect tool for the job. Most women report a noticeable drop in their waistline size after just a single session. Of course, the more body wraps you perform, the more weight you’ll lose. But did you know that you can maximize the effects of a body wrap session by preparing your skin beforehand? Before wrapping yourself slim,¬†take a few minutes to prepare your skin by following the steps listed below.

Staying Hydrated

The first step in preparing your skin for a body wrap is to drink water — lots of it. Body wraps work by using a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients to extract toxin-filled water content from the fat cells surrounding your stomach; therefore, drinking more water before using the body wrap applicator will result in more toxins released from your system. Some people drink as much as half their body weight over the course of 72 hours before using the wrap. You really don’t have to drink a specific amount; just remember to keep your body well hydrated before, during and after the body wrap.

fruit mask #5Exfoliate Your Skin

Another key step in preparing for a body wrap is to exfoliate your skin. Dirt, oil and dust oftentimes clog the pores, making it difficult for a body wrap to flush the toxins from your body.¬† By exfoliating your skin beforehand, though, you’ll reap the benefits of a more efficient body wrap session. The open, unclogged pores will allow for a greater amount of toxin-filled moisture to exit your system.

So, what’s the best way to exfoliate your skin? There are dozens of different techniques, creams, lotions and products on the market designed specifically for skin exfoliation. With that said, you should begin by taking a hot shower, as the steam will naturally open up your pores. Once you get out of the shower, immediately use an exfoliation lotion to encourage your pores to open up even more.

By performing the simple steps outlined above, you’ll experience a more beneficial body wrap session. The truth is that you’ll notice a positive effect without preparing your skin, but taking a few minutes to focus on these key areas will maximize the effectiveness of your body wraps. Be sure to check back with our blog for more helpful tips on how to make the most of your body wraps.

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