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If there’s anyone who doesn’t shy away from trying out new hairstyles, it’s Katy Perry. The natural “boring dishwater squirrel brown”(her words, not ours)-haired singer has tried everything from raven black to blue and bubblegum pink, and every time she’s out and about we can expect a fun new look to be inspired by.

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Some of her hairstyles have been more flattering than others, but nevertheless, we can’t help but admire Katy’s fearlessness and playful sense of style. Here’s a look at some of her most significant looks throughout the years.

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This wavy medium-length bob from 2015 is one of our favorite looks for Katy. The all-round flattering bob looks good on anyone and like always, she makes sure to add a good amount of color to it. Who knows – purple hair may soon be a thing of the past, but we still thinks it looks great.

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This look from the amfAr’s 23rd cinema against AIDS Gala in France in May, 2016 proves that the Fireworks singer does classy as well as playful. The sleek low, twisted updo with a middle part in an elegant dark brown shade makes her look more beautiful than ever, especially pared with the red lip and diamond earrings.

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Do you remember these long blue locks Katy sported in 2010 in honor of her role as Smurfette in the Smurfs movie? Of course – who would forget about such a fun look? Although it was actually a wig, this hairstyle proves that everything suits a true beauty. The blue shade somehow works with Katy’s complexion and she even managed to pull off the short bangs. That’s more than most people could say!

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Katy Perry is just one of those people you associate the color pink with. We’re not sure why, since she has basically worn the entire rainbow on her head, but this pastel pink/lilac hue from 2011 just feels right for her and gives the rest of us some major hair envy! The retro-hollywood-glam locks don’t hurt the overall impression either.

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Every star needs their own signature look, and with this recognizable high pony tail, Katy shows that she can be Katy even with a natural dark brown color. The photo is from 2013, but the style could be from any year in the singer’s career since this seems to be one of her favorite hairstyles.

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This is definitely not a look for everyone, but we’re kind of digging the grungy vibe of the green hair with dark roots. In her own words, she decided to go “slime green for spring” in 2014 and we think she did it well!

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We like Katy’s signature long, glamorous looks whether they’re her standard dark brown or, like in this photo from 2012, deep purple. We might however say that the purple is the winner between the two, since it has such a soft and romantic yet dramatic feel and an added layer of personality.


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The rainbow hair has had a moment in 2015 and 2016 and we can guess it’s on its way out. But regular people’s fashion rules do not apply to pop stars and no matter the year, we would always enjoy seeing Katy on stage with all the hair colors you can imagine at once.

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We may not do a copy paste on this one, but we can still appreciate the dramatic effects of this cartoonish teal hair that Katy sported in 2012. And yes, if anyone gets away with brown plus blonde plus teal roots, it’s the one and only Katy Perry.

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We can’t help but love Katy’s bohemian side which she brought out with a Swiss braid at the Golden Globes 2016. Paired with a floral dress and a nose piercing, she looked cool and casual, and she proved to us once again that she is never confined to one specific style

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In conclusion, we love the colorful Katy as much as the natural dark beauty, and we’re excited to see what dramatic hair transformations we’ll see on the starlet next. Pastel and neon colors may not always be in style, but we can always count on Katy to bring us the next big trend we’ll be hesitant to at first but loving later!

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Whether this list inspired you to bring out the scissors, change up your hair color or perhaps just keep the natural style you’ve had forever, Katy shows that experimenting can be fun and have a huge impact on your look. And remember, it’s just hair! It grows back, it can be colored back and forth and there are even awesome wigs to try on your nights out (or on a regular Tuesday for that matter)!

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