20 Natural Beauty of Kimberly Schlapman Hairstyles

Kimberly Schlapman Hairstyles

Do you want to know how to be the white blonde chick that stands out from her group of friends? Well, Kimberly Schlapman certainly knows how. As a member of the American country music group with four members, Kimberly Schlapman definitely knows how to stir people’s minds and prompt them to ask the question: “Who is that blonde girl in Little Big Town?”

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Not only is she admired for her performance in the band, but she is remembered more because of her eye-catching and one-of-a-kind hairstyle. It’s not an everyday sight to catch a blonde girl with curly hair perform and dominate the stage.

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The ever stunning blonde and curly haired Kimberly Schlapman with her band-mates performing at the 47th Annual CMA Awards.

Three images of Kimberly Schlapman gracing the red carpet during the 47th, 48th, and 49th Annual CMA Awards, respectively.


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After the band’s inception in 1998, its members have gained popularity, the band has received multiple recognition in the music industry, and the members have made their mark in the minds of the people. These could perhaps be attributed not only to the band’s performance but also to the personality of each of their members.

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Kimberly Schlapman, for one, has been a trending topic on a lot of forum sites and social media platform over the years. Her timeless beauty and hairstyle made her one of the crowds’ favorite and envy of many women. With her natural curly blonde hair, many girls are wondering how to achieve the said look. As a matter of fact, many bloggers and beauty gurus have published their tutorials and versions on how to achieve the Kimberly Schlapman hairstyle.

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Above is an image of Kimberly Schlapman from an article tackling her hairstyle entitled: “What Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town uses on her curly hair?”

Why hair brush and curls never mat

Aside from being an award-winning singer-performer, Kimberly Schlapman has also guested various TV shows promoting her self-made book entitled “Oh Gussie! Cooking and Visiting in Kimberly’s Southern Kitchen”. The beautiful singer claims to have started cooking almost the same time she started singing. As seen from the image on the left, is a copy of her book with her adorning on the front page. Certainly, readers’ attention would be caught first because of her hair before her recipes inside.

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Recording artist arrives at the 2012 American Country Awards at Mandalay Bay on December 10, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Kimberly Schlapman throughout the years: first picture in 2000, the second picture in 2005, and last picture in 2015.

Hair, being the crowning glory of not only women but of any gender, is important in making a first impression, and great impact towards other people. To achieve a great look, different hairstyles could be copied from famous celebrities, and Kimberly Schlapman’s hairstyle is definitely one way to make you stand out from the crowd.

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Though many celebrities in the industry have blonde curly hairs, Kimberly Schlapman is one songstress that has never changed her hairstyle for about two decades. While this consistency in look is not preferred by other artists, Kimberly Schlapman is evidently not one of them. From her debut appearance as one of the members of a band up to the present time where she has become a world-renowned author, and cook, the curls have never changed. Throughout the years, she has proven that having blonde curly hair is also an image of timeless beauty.

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