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Kristin Cavallari has always maintained her status as a typical California girl despite the fact that she is a celebrity with a tremendous fan base. Recently add to her portfolio of achievement is her nascent arrival into motherhood and it is reported that she about to welcome her second baby. It does matter whether the baby comes as a boy or a girl, Kristin is sure to make the most of it.

Motherhood can be demanding and sometimes has the tendency to kill your social life, your ability to put up any form of style and and any chance of maintaining a superb fashion statement all the time. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case with Kristin,has she has the tendency to flaunt her style even though she will soon be an amazing mother of two lovely kids. Here is a round-up of all the amazing Kristin Cavallari Hairstyles.

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Here Kristin looks simply amazing in her long curly hairstyle with a unique set of voluminous ringlets that just add the needed beauty to the whole hair structure. The obvious center parting given to the hair makes it fall freely with unique curls on either side of her face. The mixture of the blonde tone and the dark brown tone in the hair blends perfectly well with her skin color and altogether produce an immaculate look.

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Your Daily Dish
Image: Your Daily Dish

Kristin looks so much like a “sweet 16” and must have caught the attention of a few young men at this very occasion thanks to the fishtail braid that she added to the whole hair structure. Her hairstylist really did a lot of work to bring out this youthful look with the many strands of hair that fall freely on both sides of her face to give it the perfect frame. Everything about this hairstyle would have gone wrong if the color was not right but once again got everything right this time in order to produce this amazing look.

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Image: German Fans Share

This picture just sums up how “sweet” Kristin is and how she can manipulate her hair to give the perfect look that suits any occasion. This casual and Chic like hairstyle must have involved the use of large barrets, curling iron and some unique sprays; these are worthy of note if you are looking to replicate the style. The side part and the velvety curls really highlight her face, the blonde tones, and the textured lock works well for her too.

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Sugar Scape
Image: Sugar Scape

Kristin Cavallari’s hairstyles are mostly long and blonde in nature, this isn’t a coincidental occurrence because this style matches perfectly with her personality, skin tone and color. Here, she rocks a long straight hairstyle with some signature curls at the hair end. This hairstyle was just perfect at the launch of her new shoe line, with the length of the hair, the soft curls, and the center parting making her face look radiant and beautiful.

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Here you can argue that the side parting, curls, and slight untidiness of the hair made Kristin look absolutely stunning, but it is also safe to say that the color of the hair and how it blends with her skin sums up everything about her look on this occasion.

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Style Bistro
Image: Style Bistro

This beautiful hairstyle with curls at the ends gives Kristin Cavallari a unique appeal. It isn’t so complicated, the center parting works well, the side sweep of the hair close to her eye on one side of her face, and the blonde tone are also done with the utmost perfection. This is one hairstyle you should try out on yourself if you have the same kind of facial and body structure that Kristin has. Women with medium hair can also give it a try although the hairstylist must pay good to making the curls at the end of the hair length.

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She Knows
Image: She Knows

This half up and half down hairstyle by Kristin just exudes brilliant and a sense of elegance. Everything about the styling was done to absolute perfection and if you are one of her devout fans, this is one of her hairstyles you should imitate in order to look something close to what she looks like. The hair packed high up the back of her head and the curls that continues just beneath it helps to drive attention to her beautiful face.

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If you are looking at having a vintage-modern look, you should definitely try this out. The heavy waves and the little sparks of untidiness looks great on kristin, it looks more like a copy from Munroe’s hairstyle. It is not a favourite look but it isn’t bad either.

Image: Lively
Image: Lively

This is the perffect example of how an excellent side-sweep should look like and Kristin rocks it well with this medium hair. The tones in the hair works well with her skin and just produces the perfect Kristin Cavallari Hairstyle that we have gotten used to seeing in recent times.
The dynamic mother and renowned celebrity is definitely worth following if you need inspiration for new styles and fashion tips every now and then.

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Kristin Cavallari only produces these variety of amazing hairstyles because of her high taste and the expertise of her hairstylist, so you might need to look for new and competent hairstylist in order to replicate this styles if your current one isn’t doing a good job.


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