20 La La Anthony Hairstyles

She is impossible to resist, her glow and radiance are almost contagious whenever she decides to grace any occasion on America’s biggest stage. La La Anthony can be described as one of the few celebrities we refer to as “America’s Sweetheart”, this is largely due to her role on TV and her captivating smile. Being a Black-American star, she has managed to find a unique style to back up her on-stage and off-stage personality which show just how special she is.

To catch a glimpse of what La La looks like carrying one of her signature hairstyles, let’s take a quick look at a selection of La La Anthony Hairstyles.

Image: Lively

The side-swept bangs on this style by La La Anthony are very difficult to make without bringing out a harsh look. Her side sweep here is elegant, glamorous, and sleek to produce the perfect curly look; although this hair would be nothing without its length. The hairstylist does a perfect job and made her look like an angel.

Image: Zimbio
Style Bistro5
Image: Style Bistro

La La’s must have put a lot of thinking into making a choice of hair color here, the hair blends with her type and tone perfectly and brings out a certain degree of brightness on her face. The side parting is phenomenal as makes it impossible to avoid La La’s beautiful face, the black color the hair possess gradually fades into a golden tone with characteristic curls to give the perfect finishing needed. Her make-up also acts as the icing on the cake for this elegant hairstyle.

Black Enterprise
Image: Black Enterprise
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This is a fantastic long straight hairstyle with a deep side parting tucked firmly behind her ear in order to reveal her pretty face. The dyed portion of the hair makes the whole structure and styling look effortless and free, you also have to give Lala Anthony some credit for her choice of outfit as it blends perfectly with the hairstyle.

Image: Lively
Image: Style Bistro

Here La La presents a look which suggests a “Chic” and a “Boss” at the same time, the hair is so sassy that it almost makes you want to stare. The top part of the hair is slightly packed to the back of her head in a loose manner in order for hair and its curls to roam free while the rest of the hair falls freely down her back. Although her hair cannot go un-noticed, its styling is focused on revealing the true beauty of La La Anthony’s face.

Style Bistro
Image: Style Bistro
Image: Lively

La La Anthony’s ponytail hairstyle is a perfect fit for black women with specific skin tones especially those identical to hers. The casual looking ponytail gently placed on la la’s back and the carefully side-swept bangs look fantastic on her. This hairstyle looks classic because of the excellent choice of outfit that she also made, so you need to be sure of your outfit before choosing to carry this hairstyle.

Image: Glamour
Essence Magazine
Image: Essence Magazine

Before taking a good look at the other aspect of the hair, it is only right to first pay attention to the awesome side parting of the hair. It defines the whole structure and also allows the hair to fall freely on both sides of her face to form the suitable frame its need. The length and glossy nature of the hair works well and give La La the ultimate look.

La Focus Newspaper
Image: La Focus Newspaper
Image: Style Bistro

This is a beautifully looking casual “chic” look with harshness whatsoever. It speaks sophistication and simplicity at the same time; the continuous blending and flow of the hair and the perfect selection of golden color is breath-taking and falls perfectly on the shoulders on either side freely.

Image: Stylesa
Image: Style2d

One of her characteristic long curly hairstyles using the perfect blend of black and gold colors that she now seems to have fallen in love with. This half up and half down hairstyle looks so gorgeous on La La Anthony, the locks are nicely packed on both sides of her head leading to the formation of a nice center parting.

Mary Kravets
Image: Mary Kravets
Image: MadameNoire

A stunning hairstyle here by La La Anthony which blends with her body and facial structure.

Hype Hair
Image: Hype Hair
Image: Ebony

La La Anthony’s custom hair carried with grace and elegance.
She is an all round success in all she does and her style and fashion sense is just simply breath-taking.
Her style can be easily replicated if you have the kind of body structure and skin tone that matches with these styles.

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