20 Fashionable Layered Short Hairstyle Ideas

Layered Short Hairstyle

You have tried it all, but still, you are not convinced which one should be next? When choosing a hairstyle it’s important to take into consideration not just the trends, but also your face shape and the attitude you want to transmit. For example, if you are bold, confident and you want to inspire individuality and style, then short hairstyle would be a perfect fit for you. And coincidence or not, short layered hairstyles are in super trend now, but at the same time, they are extremely functional and easy to maintain.

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But be careful! Layered short hairstyles create addiction, the more you look at them, the more you love them. With a hairstyle like this you will have the possibility to change your look almost daily but at the same time manage to have an elegant allure when the circumstances request it.

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Another cool thing about layered short hairstyles is that you will finally have the volume you have ever wanted without practically trying too hard. And trust us, with such hairstyle your appearance will be completely different, but you will continue to be the same you, but in a better version. On top of that, even if you change your hairstyle often and you try all the daring combinations you have ever imagined, your hair won’t be damaged and you won’t have to spend many hours in front of the mirror. How cool is that?

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If you think that you have to be young to try this type of hairstyle, you are absolutely wrong. Layers on short hair enhance texture and volume and add at the same time a touch of sass to your style making you look amazing at any age. So throw that thought out of your mind and think better on how to diversify your short layered hairstyle.

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You can try classy layered pixie and your style will inspire youth, freshness and pass the barrier of time. This cut doesn’t take age into consideration, and if you are not yet very courageous, like this you will have a combination of messy and sleek, being able to wear it at any event. On the other hand, if your message is fun and confidence, you can turn your hairstyle into the punky pixie. Therefore, the world around you will clearly understand what you want to transmit with your sharp and sexy look without too much effort from your side.

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A short layered cut will also transmit a lot of femininity. If your hair is straight or slightly wavy, the layers will create an amazing effect of volume and at the same time will define the cut. On top of that, this look is one of the most versatile ones and even if your face is round or oval, it works perfectly well for anyone. Styling it is extremely easy and all you need is a medium brush with which try to blow dry the bottom dry section and On top of that, this look is one of the most versatile ones and even if your face is round or oval, it works perfectly well for anyone. Styling it is extremely easy and all you need is a medium brush with which try to blow dry the bottom section downward the nape area and you are ready.

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If you have curly hair, don’t consider it a curse as you cannot find a solution for it. Go for a curly short layered hairstyle and you will have a glamorous look without too much effort involved. If you are having a bohemian lifestyle, this type of haircut is just perfect as the maintenance is not difficult at all. Styling is almost effortless and you can have a divine look with some styling foam applied on damp hair and together with a diffuser you can blow dry until it is completely dry.

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Making the long story short, dare and experiment a layered short hairstyle and liberate yourself. Take it as detox if you want as you will be relieving your head for all the extra dead cells weighing it down. Your hair will dry much quicker than it used to and even if you will decide to blow dry it, straighten or just pull it back into a ponytail, the effort and nerves spent on styling will absolutely disappear.

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