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Lea Michele is known pretty much for her dynamic singing abilities and her involvement in the sensational “Glee” TV Series which took America and indeed the world by storm. Her rehearsals consume most of her time but she manages to find a way to look awesome any time she graces the red carpet. We can draw inspiration from her unique styles and hairstyle in order to replicate what she does fashion wise.

Although you might not get her singing and acting ability by copying her style but you sure can manage to look just as amazing as she does. In order to give an idea of what Lea Michele’s style is and how you can replicate them, let’s take a good look at her top 10 pictures.

News Gab
Image: News Gab
Image: Glamour

Lea Michele’s Brunete Straight Hairstyle here is fluffy and perfectly styled, the side parting ensures that one side of her face is slightly covered while the other half is exposed in order to create a mysterious appeal. All the curls on the hair look so natural and effortless, this hairstyle is unique and would make any woman look her BEST.

The Outfit
Image: The Outfit
Image: Lively

Sometimes we just might need to put on a hairstyle that does not require heavy styling and a ridiculous amount of time to achieve. They come in handy on a very busy weekday and Lea Michele’s Hairstyle here is a perfect example of one that you can try out. The length of the hair is gorgeous and the waves around it can be easily produced by simply shampooing, running a leave-in conditioner and then letting dry out naturally. Never forget the side parting as it gives the whole hair structure the much-needed glamour and elegance.

Sara Baratti
Image: Sara Baratti
Image: Listal

Lea Michele’s center-parted gorgeous curls make her look absolutely stunning. The glossy nature of the hair and its sleek curls work well together, suggesting clearly that her hairstylist must have out-done himself/herself here. The hairstyle is gorgeous and should enter into your list of possible hairstyles for the nearest future.

Image: SheKnows
Love Lipstick & Pearls
Image: Love Lipstick & Pearls

The hairstyle gives Lea mixed look here, one suggests “seriousness” and the other brings forth a kind of casual appeal in her. This a perfect hairstyle for a “not-too-serious” work day; you can create it by nicely packing your hair to the back of your head into a Ponytail. Unfortunately, this eliminates the use of bangs, but with the use of the right makeup, you will look just as amazing as you ought to.

Harper's Bazaar
Image: Harper’s Bazaar
Teen Vogue
Image: Teen Vogue

If you want to maintain an appealing classic “chic” look, then you should try out this Side Curled Hairstyle by Lea Michele. The perfect side-sweep attached to this hairstyle completes the stunning look which any woman above the age of 20 should have in mind any time she wants to look amazing and attractive.

Style Bistro
Image: Style Bistro
Image: msleamichele

Lea’s beauty and charm are on full display here, this hairstyle looks like it is made just for her. It is the style you absolutely need to follow if you have a date with your “Man” and you want to show him the flirty part of you in a unique and beautiful way. This style is quite easy to make, to achieve the loose curls effect, set the already blow-dried hair in hot rollers, mist with hairspray and let them down when you are finished getting ready.

Image: InStyle
Hollywood Life
Image: Hollywood Life

If you are a big fan of simplicity with a touch of sophistication, then this style will appeal to you. Lea wears a classic chic look by packing her hair into messy buns and at the same time letting loose strands fall freely on her face with a clip or elastic. Her make here adds the needed glow and glamor in a unique fashion.

Image: Bread–Stix
Aurélie Armstrong
Image: Aurélie Armstrong

Lea Michele rocks this hair with class and elegance and you can replicate the same by packing all of your hair to one side of your head and braiding to give the fish-tail look and the hair is done. An addition of polishing oil brings a glossy appeal which you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Isabelle Lemes
Image: Isabelle Lemes
Image: Fashionisers

This example of Lea Michele hairstyles shows her in a different light, you can almost fall in love with her at first sight as she has irresistible “Sweetheart” look. This style is perfect for a dinner with family and friends especially those from your husband’s angle. To attain this look with its characteristic loose strands, just blow dry your hair straight and sweep your bangs to a side that is most comfortable for you.

Image: About.com

Lea Michele rocks this impressive long hairstyle with blunt bangs and you can also do same with the right styling coupled with the right fashion and makeup choice.

Lea Michele is a remarkable woman with an unbelievable talent which has seen her fan base skyrocket overnight. As distracting as this maybe, she has managed to maintain a high level of style that can be emulated by any woman who wants to look just as classy as does.
Do not forget you have to tweak your styling technique in order to be able to reproduce her styles effectively.

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