20 Leighton Meester Hairstyles

Gossip Girl’s star Leighton Meester is certainly an “America Sweetheart”, she virtually stole everyone’s heart away with her role in this breath-taking TV Series. She has since then grace so many red carpet events with amazing outfits backed up with most carefully crafted hairstyles. She has a unique style and a sophiscated fashion sense that blends perfectly with her pretty face.

Our love for Leigthon Meester is well founded and we have prepared a selection of some of the best her hairstyles to give all of her fans an idea of what her style is and possibly inspire themselves to replicate it in their own unique way.

Hairtinse ldeals
Image: Hairtinse ldeals

This hairstyle shows exactly what she can do with a short hair, the makeup she is wearing here blends perfectly with her skin tone and the hairstyle. The hairstyling here is intentional as the short bob is packed perfectly to the back of her head and tucked in behind her ears and the ends of the hair cut perfectly to give the hair structure a stong look. It is not the typical casual look but Leighton carries it well with glamor and elegance.

Hairstyles Assyams
Image: Hairstyles Assyams
Heidi at TheFrugalGirls
Image: Heidi at TheFrugalGirls

This long hairstyle looks lovely on her because her facial structure blends perfectly with it. It is sleek and has a characteristic center-parted fringe which allows the hair to fall on both sides of her face with gentle curls and exposes her lovely eyes and beautiful face.

Make her up
Image: Make her up
Styles Weekly
Image: Styles Weekly

Leighton Meester rocks a messy updo with nicely arranged bangs surrounded by loose strands of hair allowed to roam freely. She carefully and loosely packed her hair to the back of her head to form the updo with a characteristic messy look attached to it. Her makeup and lovely skin tone compliments the hairstyle and makes her look absolutely stunning.

Image: Zimbio
The Berry
Image: The Berry

Here she decides to go with a lovely brunette tone that works perfectly well with her skin color and facial structure. The obvious center parting allows the hair to fall with loose waves on both sides of her face to ensure that she has the excellent “chic” look. You can certainly replicate this style because the color are not difficult to come by and the styling involved isn’t difficult to produce.

Vogue Magazine
Image: Vogue Magazine
Vogue Australia
Image: Vogue Australia

Asides the beauty and the perfection of the hairstyle, one thing Leighton Meester has going for her is her bright porcelain skin that makes the hair sparkle even better. The hair has a center parting in order for the hair form a unique frame for her face while allowing the hair the to fall freely on both sides of her face in a wavy manner. The messy nature of the waves and the hair makes Leighton look sexy and classy.

Beauty Editor
Image: Beauty Editor
Bella Sugar
Image: Bella Sugar

This brunette curls hairstyle with unique highlights is just a perfect fit for her and can be easily replicated if the right styling technique is followed. The style is not fluffy or messy in any kind of way, the curls start perfectly from her jawline down to the hair end with golden highlights to compliment effectively.

Image: Elle
Image: Polyvore

Women with medium hair will definitely find this medium hairstyle by Leighton very tempting. She decided to take a break from her usual long hairstyle to rock this new medium hair look and she really made the most of it. She looks all grown up here and the hair color works well everything else she has going on there.

My Fashiony
Image: My Fashiony

This hairstyle makes Leighton Meester look like a Greece queen with this lovely hair updo. The hair is roundishly packed around her head and held together not too tightly by a beauty clip which also complements the hair in a unique fashion. The hair color she chose as usual works well and blends perfectly with her skin to produce the perfect look.

Image: Primped
Rebel Circus
Image: Rebel Circus

Leighton Meester rocks the amazing loose bun hairstyle which any woman should be able to imitate effectively. The updo and the bun formed look so pretty with the loose hair strands that add a romantic flare to her entire appearance.

Image: SheKnows
Style Bistro
Image: Style Bistro 

Here she decided to go with one of her signature long hairstyle with an auburn hair tone. The hair structure allows for her smoky eyes to be noticed as the brief center parting of the hair allows her hair to fall freely in a wavy-manner down both sides of her face. Leighton Meester looks really stunning and radiant in this hairstyle although it is not a complicated style to reproduce.

You might not look like Leighton Meester nor have kind of facial and body structure but you can follow her style to produce a unique look for yourself.
The Gossip girl series may have come and gone but Leighton Meester’s impact and style still remains and is worthy of emulation by younger women who want to always look classy and HOT.

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