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She has been on the scene for quite a while now and was a major star in “Friend’s Reunion” TV Series that took America by storm and she remains relevant till this day. Lisa Kudrow is no doubt a great actress with vast experience in the industry, her style, and fashion capabilities are still a part of her that people cannot get enough of. She does a great job in picking the right hairstyle, outfit, and makeup for the right occasion.

Lisa Kudrow’s hairstyle are quite unique and easy to imitate as long as you can follow the styling techniques that she employs to perfection. In order to aid your quest to replicate Lisa’s style, we have compiled 10 of her best hairstyles and the simple styling techniques that can enable you create them easily.

Beauty Riot
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Cristina Garcia
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Lisa Kudrow rocks this Long Blonde Wavy Hairstyle in a unique fashion, the glossy nature and golden color of the hair completes her stunning look. In order to replicate this style, you need to ensure that the side-sweeps are well defined with characteristics curls. This is to ensure that the hair has volume and a frame that has the capability to broaden a long face. The length of the hair here is not as flattering as it should be, in order to enhance the look, you can stick to a longer or medium hair length.

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Here she also flaunts another brand of blonde hairstyle, although the curls begins with so much precision at her jawline and progresses effortlessly down to the top of her shoulder to sum up the medium hair look. The center part also allows the hair to fall on both sides of the face so as to form the perfect frame for her face. You can also say that this hairstyle is an ombre hair-do because of the way the locks are curled and dip-dyed in a deeper color.

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Image: Zntent

Lisa Kudrow rocks this romantic medium curl hairstyle, she looks absolutely gorgeous thanks to its voluminous curl locks that land freely on her shoulder. Her light make-up, romantic ringlets and deep laying side parts combine beautifully and blends perfectly with her skin tone and color.

Style Bistro
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Style Bistro2
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This is a very good example of Kudrow’s layered hair-do and it looks great on her coupled with the very light makeup she has on. She is sticking to her blonde hair color and the layers really show just how easy it is to turn thin or flat hair into a shape that works perfectly well. The side sweepp passes nicely across her face and adds the much needed finishing.

Liza Chen
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Women with medium hairstyles will love this style, Lisa does it with a unique touch of perfect and everything she is putting on here work well with her appearance. The side swept bangs gives her a youthful look that will look good on women across all ages.

Celeb Hairdo
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Don’t medium hairstyles just look good on Lisa? She looks absolutely stunning and must have drawn significant attention to herself at this event. Despite the hairstyle being medium size, her hairstylist was able to add volume to the hair by make use of rough styling for the side parting. The style of the hair structure is pretty much straight, the layers still suggests unique curved waves which brings out her feminity and beauty.

Image: InStyle
Haircut Style
Image: Haircut Style

Another medium hairstyle with two toned waves here, gives lisa a classy and attractive look. This unique style is characterized by two tone waves with a center part which allows the hair to fall on both sides of her face. A pink makeup will compliment this hairstyle perfectly.

Rich Glare
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Lisa Kudrow’s long hairstyle is highlighted as well as it is well layered, the locks are done in a perfect way and the center parting are just perfect for this style.

Mary Kravets
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Image: Lively

Lisa knows how to carry a long hair with layered curls. The side parts are deep and nice to produce an overall awesome appearance.

Image: Zimbio

Lisa Kudrow looks radiant with this medium length hairstyle, the head band fits right into place to give her a princess kind of look, also the exquisite ringlets gives the hair and overall bouncy appeal.

Lisa Kudrow might not be as young as most women but she still has the kind of style that young women can emulate and with appropriate styling, makeup and jewelry might even be able to produce a better appearance.
Medium and long hairstyles are Lisa’s favorites, therefore, women with this hair length can learn a great deal from her style.

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