20 Hairstyles That Will Make You Love Your Wavy Hair

Embracing the hair color, type, and texture that you have can be tough. The grass always seems to appear greener on the other side. But if you have naturally wavy hair you should revel in the beautiful styles and sleek cuts you can get to underscore what mother nature blessed you with. One of the biggest trends right now is medium length hair. Having just enough hair to be able to play around with style, while allowing your cut to be short enough that you are not overwhelmed is the best of both worlds. There are some great ways to get in on this trend and some truly stunning medium hairstyles for wavy hair.


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One of the hottest cuts right now is the lob, or long bob. While it has long in the name, your lob is not actually going to be lengthy. Longer than a traditional bob, the lob gives you just enough extra hair to pull it back, pin it in a bun, or create a beautiful up-do. Most girls who get a lob will use a curling iron and styling products to add an additional wave to it. Lucky you, your hair is already wavy! Your natural waves mean you can achieve this romantic and soft look without any fuss. There are many types of lobs to consider, and you can boost the look by adding some highlights or an overall dye that brings out the texture of your waves.



Another great medium cut that compliments wavy hair is to get a textured piecey wave look. This cut is a bit longer than the lob, but will still hit you around the shoulders at the longest point. The idea behind it is to get a beachy and relaxed vibe that plays up how effortlessly you can maintain your hair’s natural wave. Getting your stylist to cut in some uneven and possibly even choppy layers will add depth and intrigue to this look. There are also some really incredible styling products on the market that will allow you to play with this look even more. Getting a putty or gel to give your waves more definition will help you find a new way to wear this easy to maintain cut.


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Searching for a cut that really stands out? Since your hair has a natural shape to it, consider getting the ends trimmed into a blunt, even cut. You will not run the risk of it looking too severe since your waves will naturally pull pieces to different lengths, and it will give you a defined shape. If you want the look to be sharp and chic, simply pull out your hair straightener. While it is a shame to iron out those naturally gorgeous waves, straightening your blunt cut will give you a new twist on your everyday hair routine.


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If you have naturally wavy hair, you may think that bangs are not for you. This myth needs to be banished, because there are plenty of stunning ways to wear wavy hair with bangs. In fact, the face framing bangs can balance out your hair’s bouncy texture and add some sultry appeal. Not to mention make your eyes stand out! The key here is to make sure your bangs are always well trimmed and maintained. Most people only swear them off because they let their fringe become unruly leading to frustrating moments and blocked vision. Bangs should always compliment your cut, and not interfere with your style.





Whatever style you choose, make sure that you keep your hair nice and healthy. Frizzy and fried waves will create an uneven look that will have you grabbing a hat to hide under. Using a proper hair care routine that includes conditioner or oils will help keep those waves soft and flowy. And as always, you can enhance any haircut with simple accessories. Medium wavy hair just begs to be swept back in a patterned headband for those windy days. And clipping a side section back with a lightly detailed metallic clip will give you a bit of shine without the fuss. Enjoy all of the benefits your naturally wavy hair can give you, and try out a great new medium cut this season!


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