Lovely Hairstyles for Long Hair

In an era that has passed long ago, folk lore and enchanting tales were dawned reflecting long flowing hair of a heroine that was made by the sunset of the story.  In a modern time with a high rise way of living, we are in the flux of busy streets and even busier schedules.  Despite living in a millennial age, there is still a special part of us that can smell the fresh air that is surrounded by lavish trees as our heroine glides through the gentle breeze. Long hair may have grown in definition and reflections into a modern age, however it will always have that first inspiration in our heart. Long hair is a stylists personal playground. The possibilities are endless! Hairstyles for long hair range from loose and natural to a sleek sweeping appeal. You can go from Fairy of the woods to a sharp business look from one moment to the literal next.  Braiding and intricate sets are trendy and simultaneously nostalgic.

Timeless styles have met a modern day allure. Your hairstyle is interchangeable. An updo is no longer only formal and relaxed styles are for more than just a Saturday afternoon.  Our lives haves evolved and so has our fashion palette. Whimsical colors, your natural color and  highlights are all ways to enhance your hairstyle. Hair clips and embellishments adorn styles for every day looks. You have a clean slate every new day that allows you to try fresh looks as consistently as you’d like. You can curl your hair in barrel waves all the way to a spiral curl or you can wear it straight and smooth.  Pairing your hairstyle with an ingenious fashion will cultivate the inner side of your artistic expression. Long hair in history has been a crown of glorious trends that will highlight your style. In the images below you will find illustrative and innovative hair designs.

Wavy Hair

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Image: Bare Foot Blonde

Long layers are lightly curled in waves. The look is casual and carefree. A beach wave is simple yet a call to a softer appeal.

Half Up Messy Bun


Image: Isabella Thordsen

Long hair is cleverly twisted in the back with a half up half down messy bun. This look can go to the office or out on the town with ease and style. Slight waves are delicate and fashionable.

Farrah Fawcett-like Layers

003 1-medium-to-long-layered-hairstyle-with-bangs 16

Image: Foxtail and Co

Hair cut designs are suited for your lifestyle and personality. This style is set in long layers and texturized to offer volume and a wind swept natural appeal.


Braided Bun for Thick Hair

004 8-braided-bun-for-thick-hair 16

Image: Gina Michele

Side bangs are tucked around setting a stage for an extroverted braid that starts on the side and trails across the to the other side merging with a thickly wrapped bun that is neatly secured at the nape of the neck.

Messy Side Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

005 2-messy-side-fishtail-braid-hairstyle-for-long-hair 16

Image: Heywanderer Blog

A side part gives way to a low slung fish tail style braid. The hair is kept loose and natural with a delicate pin at the top. This style accentuates the highlights and tones in the hair color creating a sincere look.

Classic Tucked Back French Braid

006 3-classic-tucked-back-french-braid 16

Image: For Me For You

A fresh idea of a french braid is a neat and  classic.  Well defined sections are framed with strands of hair that drape around the front and sides of the braid. The braid is tucked underneath and pinned gracefully.

Polished Loop Braid Hairstyle

007 10-polished-loop-braid-hairstyle-for-long-hair 16

Image: Stylishly Me

A neatly sleeked back style has a double banded braid. Pulled into a top clasp and then braided intricately and brought to an ended band. This look is elegant and naturally comfortable.

Half Updo Braids

008 14-half-updo-braids-for-long-hair 16

Image: Belle and Chic

This fairy tale hair style is long and wavy. The hair is sectioned on the sides and french braided from the front and wrapped around to back. The braid ends in a rose fashioned twisted bun that sits center of this enchanted look.

Bow Braided Hairstyle

009 18-bow-braided-hairstyle-for-long-hair 16

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Make your own natural headband out of your own hair. A creative a clever braid with loops of hair alternating into a bow like pattern. The rest of the hair is razed at the edges. Golden highlights accent the design finishing the charming hair style.


Large, uniform waves

010 image 16

Image: Refinery 29

Runway worthy is long rolling waves. A center part accentuates the style. A darker color is highlighted with caramel tones lightly shimmer a beautiful design.


011 Easy-Sexy-Hairstyle-for-Long-Hair-with-Volume 16

Image: Currie Day Spa

Here we see cascading curls that are flirty and festive. Parted in the center adds a voluminous effect creating a look that is suited for day time occasions and night time events.

Naturally Defined Curl

012 dbaf6c_506c6a5583154eddbd25a03bb53f6294 16

Image: Bob Steele

A reminiscent look is curly and clever.  A fishtail braid is edgy in a peek a boo style underneath the hair.  A swept to the side look holds volume and a glamoured look.

Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

013 long-hairdos-77-11 16

Image: Sylvya

Long and winding three quarter curls are accented with a side pushed part that is elegant and simply gorgeous. The hair is sectioned neatly offering depth.

Leather and Lace Braid

014 600_display_dutch_lace_braid_0 16

Image: Divine Caroline

A sideways french braid in a zag pattern is neatly secured and creatively trendy. Long waves and curls  are the back drop to the witty style.

Bangs With Waves

015 hairstyle-of-Bangs-With-Waves 16

Image: Laiki

Golden blonde ringlets are natural and gentle. Soft curls are set with sleek angled bangs that are complementary and are frame the face nicely.

Sleek and Shiny

016 Sleek-and-Shiny1 16

Image: Guild Ford Mobile Hairdresser

This is a sleek and neatly straightened style. Long and classically gorgeous you will be ready for anything that the day brings. A center part offers a timeless look .



Perky Side Pony

017 Perky-Side-Pony1 16

Image: Niccig

A sweeping pulled back side pony tail is chic and fun. Parted down the middle is a creative way to create volume. A slight twist is wrapped around the fastened part of the ponytail creating a delightful look.

Tapered Locks

018 blonde-hair-spirals 16

Image: Hair Finder

A classy hair design is vintage with a modern touch. Gentle layers are set over top a rolled curve that hems the bottom length of the style.

Gorgeous Braided Hair

019 0d9e3e655e410f5e82e6c31c11dbf08b 16

Image: Trend 2 Wear

A beautiful braided crown is dreamy and lavish. The curled tresses cascade down the length of the hair. An enchanted braid is wrapped around the sides and pushed up in the back to create a feminine and creative style.

Gorgeous Hairstyle

020 blonde-hairstyles-801876_w650 16

Image: Sofeminine

Perfected layers for a long hair style is hard to miss. Independently fabulous, a light wave follows through the layers and add a thoughtful and ingenious approach.


Long hair styles are not going away anytime soon. From dreamy looks to daytime trends we are seeing a no rules apply inspiration. Perfecting your curls and waves are creatively brought to your closet of styles.  Whimsical and intricate braiding and twists embellish every fashion. With all of the options at the tip of your hairbrush you can be confident every time you leave the house. You spend time in taking care of your hair. Brushing,conditioning and moisturizing oils keep your hair looking healthy and happy. The rituals we have for our hair care primes our shiny strands for the next trendy updo or natural flowy style. Trimming  your hair in long layers offers dimension and depth.

No matter the occasion you will find yourself trying different styles for day and night looks. Long hair styles are fashionably feminine allowing for independent fashions to be bold or subtle. Stepping out to work or waltzing down the avenues you will have the spotlight . Our hair is a “mane” attraction to our style that will shine. We all have an idea or vision of how we would like our hair to be designed. Using these photos along with our own ingenuity will create a balanced look that reflects our inner vision. Whether you have a light airy morning ahead of you or an enchanting evening you will master the art of your style. Be your own heroine and get ready for your day with great long hair looks.

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