20 Party Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

Enigmatic pools of intrigue, a deep sense of strength with a gentle side are descriptive of brown eyes. A complex eye color has many shades and depths. Light and dark brown eyes lead to true hazel eyes that have a harmonious honey wheat tone. Brown eyes have long been symbolic of an enriched sense of natural appeal. Looking in the mirror thinking of a party or event you have coming up in the near future. You already know what you are going to wear and how your going to do your hair. The big question that may be crossing your mind is what are some party makeup ideas for brown eyes? Your going to wear a special dress with a new pair of heels. How do you dress up your brown eyes for the occasion? Bold or subtle looks are dependent on the style you would like to create. Anything from creating a dramatic eye to a natural appeal will present your look in true fashion.

Brown eyes can carry many looks. Poetic and mysterious, natural and sincere or brave and daring are to name just a few. Makeup is not only an application, it is a work of art and is proven that eyes can evoke emotion and reveal them just the same.  Deeper shades and brilliant colors are used to enhance shades of  brown eyes. The shape of your eye is embellished with a liner and lavish lashes. We have elite examples below of makeup artistry that has been specifically designed for brown eyes.You will see dreamy designs and breath taking styles that are sure to help you decide on a look . You will note sweeping shadowing and artful techniques that are inspirational and sincere.

20 Amazing Eye Makeup Pictures To Inspire You

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Image: Style Craze

Here we have a deeper pink shadow that sits in the crease and around the edges. A lighter shimmer is set in the center and bold black lining frames the eye creating a charming look.

Makeup Geek

002 a2cc0138c52b8b1f9aad5b2e6eec426e 10

Image: Imgur

We see deeper tones set across the lid. An overlay of shimmering shadow meets a dramatic liner winged effect. Lashes are curled with a fine coat of black mascara.

20 Gorgeous Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

003 gorgeous-makeup-4-620x521 10

Image: Ladies Hobbies

A creative theatrical look is spoken with metallic and sunset tones. An artistic break in the winged liner creates dimension and depth to the style.

Brown Eye Makeup

004 gorgeous-makeup-13-620x564 10

Image: Makeup Journal

A bronzed shadow is rounded over the upper eye lid and continues in a thin shadowing under the eye creating a prominent effect to this independent look.

Makeup for Brown Eyes

005 matte-eye-shadow-for-brown-eyes 10

Image: Fashion Lady

A winged style enhances the eye by cleverly using a winged technique in both the outer and inner corners of the style.Gold touches the lid which offers a glimmer of glamour.

Project INGLOT

006 Selena Gomez Look2 Brown Cat-eye 1 10

Image: Lipgloss MUA

Dark liner is set with a dramatic elongated wing effect that is blended in a deep and rich color. A light dusting of sparkle is luminous and elegant for any occasion.

Silver Eye Shadow

007 Silver-Eye-Shadow 10

Image: Tumblr

A step by step guide to a completed look that is a perfect example of an in depth smoky eye. White highlighting of the inner corner and lid provides a touch of glam.

Evening Eye Makeup

008 Evening-Eye-Makeup-600x600 10

Image: Fashion Universe

A gold lid has a hot pink accent atop a curved thickly lined lash line. By following the instructional technique you can have this mod design is a matter of a few minutes.

White Liner

009 16192350_0286 10

Image: All Womens Talk

White liner is inspirational as it is paired with a bright royal blue shadowing across the lid. This look is bold and independent.

Green Shadow

010 d72b0949_461366368.xxxlarge_2x 10

Image: Pop Sugar

Thickly lined and lashed has a A- Lister appeal. A  sheer neutral shadow accentuates the style. Lashes are neat and curled upwards for a bright eyed admiration.

Bright blue shadow or liner makes a beautiful contrast against blue eyes

011 makeupforbrowneyes11 10

Image: Beauty Delicacy

A brilliant blue is stated at the inner corners and whisper across the eye lid and lash line. A dark black liner is perfectly contrasted offering an ingenious look.

Green with flecks of glitter makes for a gorgeous eye shadow look

012 makeupforbrowneyes7 10

Image: Makeup Bee

A hunter green meets a deep gray and an elegant shimmer for an absolute luxurious tone. a wide band of liner on the top lash offers a dreamy note to this design.

Makeup Brown Eyes

013 1.21 10

Image: Tiny Touchups

Natural and well stated this liner has a slight blending to soften the liner.A muted shade lightly lays over the lid creating a subtle and finessed style.

Green Eyeliner

014 full_104292_2F2014-09-09-195629-DSC_0272 10

Image: Cutout and Keep

This eye style looks as if it was touched by  fairy dust. A lovely teal is artistically set with a glittering shimmer that extends around the inner corner of the eye and underneath.

Natural Makeup

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Image: The Beauty Hypsy

A style that is crystal clear in a prestigious appeal. A delicate wing tip style is gradual with lengthy and lush lashes. A sleek line follows the lower rim with a precise point.

Exclusive Party Makeup

016 9d31c0c25aff8a3f3bb872c2548a4162 10

Image: WF Women

This  look is fit for Broadway. A glamoured dusting over the eyelid is complemented by a deep solid line that is continuous around the entire frame of the eye.

Makeup Ideas for Prom

017 make-up 10

Image: Fashion Mio

This pretty two toned style has a pretty blue on the lower lash and a full bronzed look on the top is dynamic. The fine liner defines the eye leading to a famous style.


Let’s Have Fun With MakeUp Tutorials For Brown Eyes!

018 makeup-toturial-for-brown-eyes 10

Image: D Female

We see just the right amount of blending, smudging and shading that is both entrancing and enchanted in a naturalistic setting that is vibrant and fresh.

Eye Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

019 Cute-Eye-Makeup-Ideas-for-Brown-Eyes 10

Image: Many Makeup

This look makes you think of the term stars are in her eyes. A light gold shimmer has a blended shadowing over top to create depth and a perfected style.

How to Apply Natural Makeup for Brown Eyes

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Image: A Beauty Club

The wide eyeliner on the top lash is dark and defined  however subtle creating a natural appeal. Light bronzed shadowing on the upper  lid lends the look a certain glow.


Get ready for your day or night with one of these brown eyed inspirations. Subtle and sheer styles are illustrated along side glitz and glamour. Many feel the first step to achieving these looks is to apply a primer or base coat. This step is important however it is not the first. When preparing to do your makeup any day, you will want to start off with a fresh canvass. Engaging your beauty routine will involve a cleanser that will remove all traces of makeup or environmental effects. Most will advise to exfoliate an average of two or three times a week. This will remove any dead skin cells that may build up. Following with a moisturizer will set the stage for your next step which is to gather the correct tools. Keeping a good make up remover on standby is smart when applying cosmetics. Its the white out of makeup artistry and is able to correct any slips you may have. Applicators and brushes, an eyelash curler and a primer or base are wise items to have at your side. You will have your shades and palette for your desired look ready and accessible. The final item on the agenda is your eloquent vision.  With the techniques you have seen above you are ready to create your own vibe for your brown eyes.


Your ideal look will intricately infuse details of your aspirations in your style. Let your brown eyes shine in elegance and dazzle your night with trendy eye styling looks. From a dramatic wing tip to a soft blended liner you will feel confident as you slip on your shoes and step out on the town. Accent your eyes with a shimmer or a star lit touch to enhance the perfectly sweeping shade used for your look. Your eyes are the proverbial windows to your soul . They communicate in ways words are unable to. Make a statement and bring your style to life with artistic accents and luxurious hues. With intriguing brown eyes, the makeup look  you choose will be the perfect touch to your overall design. Be bold and inspiring in your style and your eyes are sure to be brilliantly shine

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