20 Fab Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes

Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes

Are you lucky enough to have stunning blue eyes, but find yourself a little bit stuck finding ways to make them really pop? There are countless makeup tutorials for blue eyes out there, and you probably just need a little guidance on which tips and tricks you should try out first. Here are some of the simplest ways to take your makeup routine to the next level and truly show off those baby blues.


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First of all, it is important to embrace color when you are looking for ways to make your blue eyes stand out. One of the prettiest options for blue eyes is to use a pale pink base, and swipe on violet accents. This soft makeup gives you an easy look to wear all day, and it is simple to transition into a night look by pumping up the intensity with a royal purple shadow used as an accent shade. If these colors sound a bit too intense for you, not to worry!


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Another stunning option is to try a palate rich in copper or brown shadows. These bronze based hues are extremely easy to layer and play against one another. The brown tones will contrast with your blue eyes to bring out the richness and depth they hold. You will typically be able to easily find color palates that take the guess work out of selecting a group of shades that work together. These simple kits make it nearly foolproof for you to select the colors that will highlight your blue eyes best.


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One of the biggest and longest lasting trends is also a celebrity favorite – the smoky eye. It makes eyes of all colors stand out and look mysteriously glamorous. There are some simple ways you can maximize the results you get from this look to make your blue eyes even more gorgeous. Buying a simple black, white, and gray shimmer shadow palate is the foundation for this look.


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If you are not a fan of shimmer or glitter shadows, that’s ok too, but do remember that the reflective tones will add an awesome depth to your smoky eye. Really play into the drama this look holds by layering the black shadow on the outer corner of your eyes. Adding some false lashes will give you the final touch you need to rock this look wherever you go.


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If you want to focus on drawing out some of the bits of color you have in your eyes, consider using a metallic colored eyeliner. While we are all typically focused on the standard black and brown liners, if you look around you will find a whole range of colors made just for your blue eyes. Line your blue eyes with a standout gold liner, and watch the contrast give your eyes an alluring glow. Using a navy liner is also an incredible option if you really want to highlight the depth of blue in your eyes.


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The perfect non-standard eyeliner color look can take some practice to achieve, and you will likely just want to start with some subtle accents of gold or navy liners in the beginning. The more you play around with it, the more you will notice yourself gravitating toward this quick trick to underscore the blue in your eyes.


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Another often hidden secret for blue eyes is that you do not need to stick to just the typical brown and black mascaras to pull together your makeup look. Once again, the rule of navy will help you out here. Applying some navy mascara to tie together your eye makeup will not be a drastic change. It will just give you a little boost and heighten the color of your eyes.


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If you are looking for a more standout option in mascara, then try purple! This tip may sound just a little crazy, but the richness of the purple mascara will flatter your blue eyes. While it is a pretty noticeable change to your routine mascara choices, using a purple mascara will create an entirely new way for you to set your blue eyes above the rest.


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While some of these tricks may seem intimidating at first, remember to play around and find out what works best for you. Finding a style that suits your individual skin tone, hair color, blue eyes, and overall fashion goals is a fun and exciting adventure. Embrace the change that new makeup can bring, and find a great way to highlight the beauty in your blue eyes!

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