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Akerman is one of the few celebrities out there today who had the luxury of starting their career at a very early age. She featured on Canadian TV screens at a very tender age and her career as an actress took off on a very strong note from then on. She has featured in many movies and has also graced a lot of red carpet events and award ceremonies with a unique sense of style and aura. Worthy of note is how she combines her outfits, jewelry, and hairstyles with such unique grace and elegance.

Malin is an accomplished model, a fashion icon and someone whom young women can learn a lot from. Here we take a close look at her choice of hairstyles to see what we can learn or imitate in order produce similar results.

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Malin shows us here what she can do with an ombre hair do. She rocked this fabulous hairstyle to a movie premiere and absolutely stole the show with her gorgeous appearance. The hair has lovely center parting and the layers of the hair perfectly complete the ombre style, also, her beautiful face was made evenly lovelier by the hair which falls beautifully on both sides of her face to create a perfect frame. This long style hair-do isn’t a difficult one to achieve, your hair stylist should have no problem working it out for you.

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If you are looking to make a perfect Long Big Wavy hair-do, this one by Malin Akerman should be top of your list. The color of the hair is a mixture of golden and pale straw tones, the ends are slightly dark with a lot of shine to go along with it. The length of the hair is filled with short waves made clearly evident by the lovely side sweep that flows across her face. The untidy and messy nature of the hair gives it an over-all modern look which you should definitely not leave out if you want to replicate the hairstyle.

US Weekly
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This hairstyle is a rather awkward but fascinating one from Malin, she comes up with a new hairstyle which makes her look just like “Miley Cyrus” at Emmy’s awards. If you love being unpredictable, and a person with a unique style, then you should definitely try this one out. She retains her blonde hair color in this edgy “rock chic” look, the side shaves are perfectly done and she nicely packs the hair backward to complete the “Miley Cyrus” look. Pictures of her carrying this hairstyle rocked twitter, it will be safe to say that you can replicate the same if you try this hair out and also ensure it’s absolute perfection.

Styles Weekly
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The Hair Styler
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Malin Akerman perfectly “kills” this Long Blonde Curls Hairstyle, her face glows with a smile that suggests she is actually enjoying the fact that she is carrying this gorgeous hairstyle. The very evident curls gives the style the much needed bouncy look, the side parting also gives us a perfect view of her face in a unique way. You can recreate this style with its signature curls by using a big-barreled iron.

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Harper's Bazaar
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Long Hairstyles look really great on Malin, this is why you will mostly find her on the red carpet or an award ceremony with her trademark hairstyle. Here she styles this really beautiful long hairstyle in a fabulous fashion. The deep side parting enables a huge portion of the hair to fall freely on her right shoulder with short waves, with a side sweep that shows her beautiful face and completes the whole style.She also sticks to the blonde color, a slight golden and pale straw tone for the hair appearance.

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Check Malin Akerman out in this long style Honey-blonde hairstyle, this is definitely one style you should try if you have a long hair. The center parting works well and the slight curls are simply “impressive”.

The Hair Styler2
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Here is a short blonde haircut for a change. Although Malin is still blonde here, the colors and tones are way brighter to ensure the perfect blend with her skin tone. The side parting gives her a unique look, women with medium should definitely rock this hairstyle.

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This is a unique short hair updo which brings out another aspect of Malin Akerman that we do not see very often. The blonde is still there but we see here some dark shades blending in with the blonde gold tones. The hair is perfectly packed up at the back and leaving a lot of loose strands of hair that gives her the chic, edgy look.

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EN Loulou Magazine
Image: EN Loulou Magazine

If you have got a thing for subtle waves, you should try this one out.

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This nice blonde appearance is summarized by the center parting and the impressive curls at the ends of the hair which rests calmly on her shoulders. An easy one to follow if you have the right styling equipment.

A great actress is not complete without her fashion and style outside her movie set terrain. Malin Akerman shows this in a unique way through her numerous fabulous hairtstyles.
Well you don’t really have to look like Malin to be able to replicate this styles, although having something close to her physique would help but with the right attitude and styling, you should do a great job.

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