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Not every day would you find a woman who knows just how to combine her hairstyles and makeover in the right way that will suit her facial and body structure. Every time you see Maria Menounos, she never fails to impress and show just how good she is with choosing her hairstyle. She does this with a sense of variety which is not a common attribute in this day and time.

Being an actress, a journalist, a presenter and an occasional professional wrestler does not affect her fashion sense in any way, she loves her hairstyles and we have compiled some of her most gorgeous styles till date with corresponding pictures for your viewing pleasure and also to stimulate your creativity in terms of coming up with new hairstyles.

Image: StyleBistro

Here Maria rocks side parted curls and she looks absolutely stuning with a lovely smile to complete the look. She chose to wear a modern look with this brunette curls and as you can see here, it isn’t a bad choice at all for her. This is a perfect style make if you want a hairstyle that will make you look romantic and modern at the same time; thanks to the bid textured curls, this is easily achievable.

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Check out Maria’s long hairstyle, she makes this really beautiful long wavy hairstyle with side swept bangs to add volumes. This multi-toned and perfectly highlighted hairstyle looks perfect with the blonde and brown shades that its got. The sweep right in front of her hair that packs back gives the hair a natural and flattering look. If you are looking for a strong feminine appearance, this style should help you achieve it easily.

Bella Sugar
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Bella Sugar2
Image: Bella Sugar

This hairstyle makes her look irresistable and extremely sexy in a rather unique way. Its a young look that is not easily achieved but Maria make it look easy and flawless here with the right styling to back it up. To get this “shaggy” look, you need to curl your hair into big and soft waves, toussle them into a messy fashion.

The Hairstyler3
Image: The Hairstyler
The Hollywood Gossip
Image: The Hollywood Gossip

This style will certainly work well with any woman and Maria Menounos shows just how true it is as the side swept curls places themselves perfectly on her shoulder. Her hair is medium sized here and the smile on her face shows just how happy she is with the hairstyle she is carrying. To get the shiny nature of the hair, you need to use some hair polisher.

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Maria Menounos rocks this amazing long hairstyle with a lovely center parting that helps the hair fall freely both sides of her face in a nice manner. This style is casual but still works for formal occasion, the hair is thick and multi-tonal. Maria is beautiful but this style goes on to show her beauty in a slightly different dimension.

The Hairstyler2
Image: The Hairstyler
The Hairstyler
Image: The Hairstyler

It is all about curls here and how to make them radiant. The center parting that ensures more of Maria’s hair falls perfectly on her left shoulder helps to show a larger portion of her face and the lovely makeup. You can choose barrel waves here or loose waves, either way you will still arrive at the same romantic look that Maria Menounos is carrying here.

Christy Robinson
Image: Christy Robinson
Fab Fit Fun
Image: Fab Fit Fun

This is hairstyle is awesome, it works for every length of hair as long as you can pack enough volume into it. It is carefree, casual and has a slight messy look. The loose waves coupled with a nice side parting and a tousled look to add style makes the hair effortless and classy. Suitable for casual days and events.

Image: Lively
Image: Lively

Maria has a “thing” for voluminous curls and she shows that in this picture. Here she flips up her bangs in order to give the hair a deep side parting. The curls that fall on both sides of the face to form the perfect frame and completes the look.

Hollywood Pix
Image: Hollywood Pix
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If you have a facial structure like Maria here, then a high-up ponytail hairstyle just like this one would look great on you. It is casual and Maria pulls back her hair high up to create this extremely gorgeous look which she rocked at the golden globe awards.

Image: Fashionismo
Rose Fashion News
Image: Rose Fashion News

Wondering what omber hairstyle to come up with? This Centre-parted long wavy haircut by Maria Menounos should be ideal for you, with some added highlights.

Maria Menounos is a genius when it comes to creativity with hairstyles, and her stylist does the job to perfection for her, you too can replicate it without much stress.
Maria comes up with a lot of styles from time to time, you should follow her if you want to copy her style and get inspired by arts, fashion and unique style.

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