20 Medium Edgy Hairstyles to Upgrade Your Style

medium edgy hairstyle

If you have a sense of fashion, then you look forward to try new things from time to time. And, we are not talking about your clothes but your hairdo. Revamping that old look into something trendy and mesmerizing is what fashionable hair is all about. So, what would you prefer this season? Medium edgy hairstyles are quite popular these days, so why not go for one?

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It doesn’t really matter what others hairstyles other choose. What matters is whether you like it or not. Even if you do not like a hairstyle, you can always modify it to suit your style. That is what medium edgy haircuts are all about. You can find hundreds of styles being carried out by models in fashion shows nowadays which shows how popular these are.

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Why Medium Edgy Haircuts?

Edgy hairstyles are not only able to offer a “rough and tough” personality but also can deliver a sleek romantic style with its smoothened layers of hair skillfully dressed to the sides. While rough edgy style reflects the not-so-feminine touch, just a little bit of length can add in that grace which helps one carry himself/herself in a formal party or gathering.

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These are funky which is why they can be adjusted in casual parties as well. Hot looking edgy hairstyles are further highlighted when colorful streaks are used upon them. For a slightly longer hairstyle such as long bob, edgy-styled bangs can do the trick to create the perfect look. To sum it all up, it can be deduced that edgy haircuts are able to adapt to any occasion with just a little touch of creativity. Moreover, it makes the carrier look younger due to its modern looks.


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The best thing about edgy haircuts is that it can be done on all types of hair lengths. This is why these are so popular. Men and women usually love those hairstyles where they do not have to follow a traditional approach to carry them around. They love to experiment, create, and enjoy their looks to the fullest. Edgy haircuts are great at offering that freedom. So, let’s take a look at some popular ideas for short and medium edgy hairstyles.

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Edgy and spikey combination:

A popular hairstyle which can be seen nowadays. This one is for people who want to highlight their hair on the top. To do that, the sides are trimmed short while the upper portion is kept medium. The top part is then styled with the edgy look in the form of spikes. This one looks even more dashing on blondes who can dye the sides with platinum shade.

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Color-influenced edgy combos:

These are more for the ones who want to show their creations with a funky touch. With the use of clippers to the sides, the stylist can create blocks that can be dyed in various pastel shade combos. While the top is kept with an edgy look streaked in the same pastel shades as used on the sides. Do not form a spikey look with this one. Just let the hair form bangs to the side to show off those highlights.

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Stacked bob with short edgy hair:

Who says you have to dye hair to look wild and funky? Your natural color can do the trick if you have the perfect hairstyle to carry on you. This hairstyle is a combination of a bob haircut with side bangs, elegant sideburns and a stacked look from behind. The edgy layers in this one highlight the funky look without the need of an extra color.

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Edgy haircut with long side bangs:

This one has a dandy look which can be carried by both men and women. All you need a trimmed side and back while merging it with the crown. The upper part is kept medium-length with a thick side bang. The edgy look in this one surely mesmerizes many. This one is a common one but still never misses the appreciation it deserves. It can also be highlighted with color streaks if you prefer those.

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We saw a few medium-length and short edgy hairstyles which men and women prefer nowadays. From all these we learnt how that one idea of edgy hairdos modernized it into so many. All that came out as a single concept has grown into a diversified fashion of magnificent hairstyles. How people love to show their fashion sense is what reflects their inner self.

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But, having a funky edgy haircut does not necessarily mean that they are wild. It is all just a perception that we cannot ignore when it comes to hairdos. You can also try one of these hairstyles or come up with your own by experimenting or consulting your stylist. Facial structure is also important in order to learn about the kind of hairstyle you prefer.

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