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Asides her unbelievable singing talent, the next most talked about attribute of Miley Ray Cyrus is her ever changing look. Miley’s life largely confirms the popular saying that suggest “the apple don’t fall far from the family tree”, she is the proud daughter of Country Singer Billy Ray Cyrus, similarly she also happens to be one of the top American Actress and singer of our day. Miley Cyrus was previously known to always flaunt her long hairstyles until late 2013 where she decided to throw all that away in order to shock her fans with a new look “Short hair”. Ever since every one has payed close attention to what she does and doesn’t do with her hair.

Below we have compiled some of the best Miley Cyrus hairstyles right from her long hair days to her present day short hairstyle.

Image: Tumblr
We Heart It
Image: We Heart It

Miley totally rocks this ombre hairstyle. The parting of the hairstyle looks central but it remains a bit undefined just as this picture suggests. The hair has this intentional untidy look which blends with her complexion and also her lovely dress. Her overall appearance suggests more of summer, thanks to the medium shirt style. The unique curls also creates a beachy look that works well with everything she has on here.

Image: newmediumhairstyles
Image: Salons

Here we have the side view of another ombre wavy short bob hairstyle by Miley Cyrus. This is quite a casual chic look with the shoulder length hair and its nice waves blending to give the hair volume and the desire shape. The parting is quite simple, so also is the whole styling procedure of the hair, the nice progression of the dark ash color of the hair to the blonde shades cannot go un-noticed as it blends perfectly well with Miley’s skin complexion, giving a natural look. Compared to previous ombre hair-do, this is my favorite, what’s yours?

Image: SheKnows
Image: SheKnows

This one is loved by young folks, it brings out youthfulness, style, elegance and a back school appeal. Miley looks absolutely stunning in this hair-do. The perfect blend between Miley Cyrus’s complexion and the auburn and copper of the hair makes the length of the hair really beautiful and also elongates her face to give the perfect look.

Hairstyles Tattoos
Image: Hairstyles & Tattoos
Image: Glamour

Miley decides to look all grown up here thanks to the side parting and sweeping fringe of this medium length sleek bob cut without bangs. Once again, her choice of golden tones and mid dark blonde shades matches perfectly with her skin complexion to produce a certain level of radiance and glow. The layers of the hair are well positioned and it is just perfect for women with oval, square, and round facial structures.

Image: fuckyeahmileyfashion
Fitness Kites
Image: Fitness Kites

This style sums up the new Miley Cyrus look that we all become acustomed to since 2013; this short cut with long bangs is perfect for young ladies who also want to change their look for a more classy one. This style looks great on Miley mostly because of her bone and structure, her body just fits perfectly with the hairstyle.

Fashion Gone Rogue
Image: Fashion Gone Rogue
Image: Crushable

Miley Cyrus is a lady full of surprises, here at the Met gala, she tries something entire new with her short hair. An obvious torquoise experiment with a wet finish to go with it, she look stunning eventhough it might seem crazy.

Image: Allure

On this occasion, Miley opts for a more edgy and punky look with this somewhat “Fauxhawk” hairstyle made with some really interesting choice in haircut. With this style seeming more like a mo-hawk, she makes a big impression and still manages to look Feminine and beautiful.

Image: StyleCaster
Teen Vogue
Image: Teen Vogue

Miley looks really young and beautiful in this short chic haircut. The sides of the hair are tamed and it looks just great on her.

Styles Weekly
Image: Styles Weekly
Short Haircut
Image: Short Haircut

This is one of Miley’s new straight short cuts with a nice side swept bangs to go with it . This style is suitable mostly for women with oval,square and triangular facial structures.

Cosmopolitan UK
Image: Cosmopolitan UK

Another crazy one from Miley, here she goes with a chic boyish look with really looks good but gives her a kind of unique personality. She blends it with a nice white outfit which works well for her.

Miley Cyrus might still be very young but she’s got style and crazy one at that. Imitating her is quite easy, all you have to do is cut you hair and follow her lead.
It doesn’t matter what your hair color is, you can replicate this style and still look great.

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